Gulf spill - sobering comparison

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Gulf spill - sobering comparison

An oil spill described as “one of Australia’s worst environmental disasters” involves the spilling of 270, 000 litres (about 59,000 gallons) of oil.


As an Australian I can’t even fully fathom the despair and horror of the people in the Gulf region when something like what happened here that is described as one of our worst ever environmental disasters involves a tiny fraction of what has been, and still is, pouring into the Mexican Gulf every single day. How much is it , about 2,000,000 gallons a day? If this is not an event of apocalyptic proportions I never want to see one!

All I can say is that my thoughts and sympathy are with all those poor people in the vicinity of that catastrophic monstrosity.

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Re: Gulf spill - sobering comparison


Thank you for bringing this to everyones attention.

There is a thread devoted to the oil spill in the Gulf and this might have been better placed there rather than having its own thread. The number of threads grows exponentially ( a term most of us are familiar with) and it gets harder to find things when they get scattered across several of them. This is an ongoing issue here and it would be helpful if people would search for a place to park something in an already existing thread on the subject rather.than dispersing it. 

It is also possible to place info like this in the DD

Thanks again


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Re: Gulf spill - sobering comparison

This is a link to a duplicate of the lead article of this thread, to an already existing thread. Please comment there  ...Wink...

>>>>>>Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Land<<<<<<

Regards to TG and to V,

~ VF ~

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