Gross National Bubble

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Gross National Bubble

"Gross national Bubble"

"The bubble factory known as WWM (Wash Dc, Wall St, MSM) is working frantically to make sure that the only statistic that really matters to the Ruling Bosses stays elevated: this is the GNB(Gross National Bubble).
GNB growth depends on 3 factors:
1. All economic and financial data and trends are deemed to be positive, irrespective of content because all concentration of wealth and power is positive and the more the top 5% control the better it is------ even if the coerced and increasingly suppressed Middle Class is too ungrateful, myopic and ignorant to understand that the only growth that matters is the growth in the privileges and gratifications of the Upper Class
2. Enough Americans must continue to believe that they are exempt from the rules and laws of finance: that there is a decoupling, thanks to the wisdom and brilliance of the Bosses, between consumption and income, debt and the capacity to service debt, between bad behavior and malign consequence.
The New Economics is "earn less, consume more; borrow now, borrow more, never repay". This is the one economics that millions of Americans finally understand. It is known as the Joyous Science because ,finally, something for nothing is possible forever and ever.
Having invented and perfected the New Economics, the Bosses are now working with inspired zeal to perfect the Perpetual Motion Engine that will make all labor and ingenuity superfluous. > Only believe and it will be so, according to the MSM.
3. Finally and most importantly, Debt=Wealth.
The old reality was debt enslaved and assets liberated. The Bubble reality is that Debt liberates. The Bubble reality is the more you owe, the richer and more accomplished you are as a person, a household, a municipality, a Bank and of course, as a Nation.

The US now has the highest GNB known in history. China, ever ambitious, is working very dilligently, to surpass the US in its GNB . It wants to dethrone the US as the Lord of the Bubble. The Great Bubble race is on.
Congress, conscious of its somemn duty to Americans yet unborn, will soon legislate that every Fiat Dollar proudly display the new National Motto : "In Bubbles, We Trust"


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Re: Gross National Bubble

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Re: Gross National Bubble

Title should be the 3 goons who blew up the economy.

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