Great informational video on Afghanistan

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Great informational video on Afghanistan

Its called rethinking afghanistan. This is part 2.

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Re: Great informational video on Afghanistan

Humerous to read a headline like this today:

The Afghanistan war has made us safer, says David Cameron | Mail ...


and then the comments from readers:

Yeah sure - now that our reputation is tarnished, bombing the crap out of everything which incidentally provokes acts of terrorism around the globe. Yeah, now that the place is total chaos - troops and dead civilians all ending up in coffins, mines blowing peoples limbs off everyday. Sure - now that the opium trade had doubled over the last few years since the invasion of Afghanistan... yeah sure.

Carry on living in fairyland, to all those who believe the bovine excrement coming from Cameron's mouth.

In view of Obamas continuing anti British stance, we should now take the opportunity of pulling our lads out of Afghanistan. We must regard America now not as a special relationship, but as someone we have to put up with. Let them get on with policing the world, we know who our real friends are, they are in Europe not America.
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Re: Great informational video on Afghanistan

I am stunned.


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