Great info, Chris. Your

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Great info, Chris. Your

Great info, Chris. Your program should be required viewing for every American. We need to get our heads out of the sand. (or maybe not, because that would only cause panic and it's too late to fix this mess!)
What can we do? Leave the US. Simple. That is the only conclusion that my husband and I can come to, and it's for the sake of our two boys, ages 2 and infant. It's foolish to think that our political system will ever be able to solve any of these issues, let alone tackle all of them. What a sad situation indeed. So we are researching our options and hoping that time will not run out before we can put a plan into action.

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To Erica712 Are you really researching other countries to move to? If so, I would appreciate some direction. I have heard people mention Spain, Panama and Brazil but I don't know....

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