"Grants" to pay of credit card debt.

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"Grants" to pay of credit card debt.


Great "minds" conspire to use taxpayers money to pay off credit card to debt to help potential home buyers.

When will the insanity end?! 



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Re: "Grants" to pay of credit card debt.

yeah...this last 5 months has been so insane I'm about to go insane myself.  my only refuge is to have a few Erdinger dunkel weissen and play Scrabble!

love the Jackson quote...would be nice if we had 1, JUST ONE, real politician with a backbone and a real brain who could step outside the left/right paradigm (well 1 besides Ron Paul). 

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Re: "Grants" to pay of credit card debt.

U N B E L I E V A B L E!

Just when I think I've heard it all .............................................. Foot in mouth

This country is going down the tubes even faster than I imagined it would!


[Edited to add this even more detailed link:]


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