The Grand Unified Theory of current events....

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The Grand Unified Theory of current events....


 What have:

 1) "Climate change"

 2)  "The War on Terror"

 3)  "Economic Collapse"

 got in common..

 answer.. they are all symptoms / cover stories for the true underlying issue...... peak oil.

  The final nail on the coffin for me was this story in todays guardian...

 Tim Osman, a CIA / Saud asset.. leading the shock troops into any area that needs securing for the US empire to win the oil endgame....


 WMD ? Lies ?? Not quite..



The only vital national interest, by definition, is survival. States cease to exist if they fail to safeguard that essential. Threats to survival thus warrant severe countermeasures.

Less crucial interests include national security, freedom of action, fundamental lifestyles, vigor, and values. Life goes on if those elements are undercut, but conflicts often occur when people find physical and/or psychological pains intolerable.

Economic warfare, most notably oil embargoes, currently could threaten most modern societies just as surely as nuclear weapons. Degrees of vulnerability depend on relationships between each country's requirements on one hand and its resources plus stockpiled reserves on the other.


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