Grand Illusion The Federal Reserve

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Re: Grand Illusion The Federal Reserve

investorzzo - thanks for the great link.  Hopefully others will read it as the Federal Reserve system is the biggest problem facing our nation and central banks are the biggest problem facing the world.  It is a criminal cabal of international gangsters who are moving to consolidate their power and wealth at our expense.

Why do we have a national debt?  Why can't the United States issue it's currency without paying interest to the Fed?  Answer, we can, and have in the past issued our own currency free from debt to private bankers.

We will pay over $500 billion dollars for the 2008 debt alone - why? 

Here is a solution to our financial problems that you won't hear or see on the MSM:

  1. Fire the Fed, take back our monetary system!
  2. Issue $10 trillion dollars (amount of our national debt in round numbers owed to the Federal Reserve) on a Treasury computer - and send it to the Federal Reserve
  3. Have the Federal Reserve "retire" the $10 trillion debt, elliminate it from their computer - pay them nothing more, ever again
  4. Investigate the Federal Reserve under the RICO statutes - seize their gold holdings in New York and every other asset we may find.
  5. Redesign our nation's monetary system to become sustainable and free of criminal usury

The only way that this, or something similar could occur will be if enough people begin to wake up to understand the Federal Reserve system of corruption.


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