Gov. Perry: "Bank of America, we'll help you out" video...

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Gov. Perry: "Bank of America, we'll help you out" video...

Watch how bankers and polticians get in bed with each other. See video in link below.

It's already starting. See how a B of A rep. approaches Texas Governor Rick Perry shortly after announcing his candidacy for the Presidency.

The person in question is James Mahoney, Director of Public Policy for B of A.. He's on the board of directors for the New England Council, the sponsors of this particular Politics and Eggs breakfast.

Prepare for more of the same. I'l leave it up to all of you to decide what conclusions to draw from the inevitability of the situation.

Me thinks more stimulus, money printing, bailouts, corporate tax breaks, foreclosure/short sale relief and under the table deals for the "too big to fail" frat boy parties and eventually an escalation of an existing war or a new war.

For those expecting the worst and preparing, does a long-term presence as a primary home within the US or retaining your US ciitzenship even make much sense? Once this gov't gets truly desperate and the SHTF you can expect just about anything. Already seeing plenty of the seeds sown. History already shows us what to expect.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks.




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Hi there, and I thought that

Hi there,

and I thought that these things happen only in Greece. Unfortunately these thuings happening all over in the world and wil happen forever because politics speaks and not kills.

In Greece if you have a politician a friend of yours its easy to get everything easier than you used to have. Also there are people that have never worked in their lives, they were just being there close to a politician and was enough to get a ''fat'' payroll





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