Gotta love it...Citi economist to help run Treasury!

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Gotta love it...Citi economist to help run Treasury!

I swear life in the US has become more surreal than Bizarro Superfriends.  Folks, this is why politics is's not just chatter...we need some Libertarians to start getting seriously involved!

Ponder for a moment how ridiculous it is that the "professional" class in DC is given credit for what it says, people believe them when they speak on mass media, for some reason we actually think it's a good idea for them to have power.  Here's an example of who these people are:

Geithner (himself a bureaucrat that caused a big part of this crisis running the NY Fed) has hired Citi's chief economist to help him run Treasury.  This is the CHIEF strategy/econ dude at the biggest failed bank in history...and now they're promoting him to run even more.  Imagine the interview..."looks like you were a massive failure in your last job; I'm sure you lined your pockets though; but all I want to know is can you convince people on TV that you're in this job to help them?"  It's so many more trillions of our money will he waste?  His bias will be to waste a lot more...he was bailed out with that money, his best friends have been bailed out with it, his grandchildren's college expenses will be paid with investment accounts padded by bailout money.  The bailout program is wonderful from his perspective.  Meanwhile millions of grandchildren in the heartland will have less money to pay for their college as this guy advocates taking more from those families.  

This is why we had a Constitution!  The federal level government never ever should have obtained the power it has.  A couple economists were NEVER supposed to get the power to run our economic lives.  That's not just philosophical ranting. That's the hard facts of elitism, worthless bureaucracy, and stealing money from millions.

I can't wait til Jim Rogers gives an interview about this guy.   

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