Goodbye, Steve

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Goodbye, Steve

Innovation, ingenuity, a drive to ask 'why not?', persistence, and an optimism that tomorrow can & will be better. We will need all of these things to persevere and thrive in a post- Peak Oil world.

Steve Jobs was a shining example of each these qualities and a tremendous inspiration to millions worldwide. His passing is a true loss for humanity's motive energy.

I'm reminded of his "Think Different." campaign. It captures the spirit of this community well: people who have the curiosity and the courage to question the status quo, to own the responsibility of developing an informed perspective.

I encourage us to reflect on Steve's life and how he lived it. He wasn't a perfect man. But he was his own man, a great man (IMO), and there's much there worth emulating.

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Rest in peace Steve, If it

Rest in peace Steve,

If it wasn't for your work, I wouldn't have a business, or even a computer.

I will always admire that you stood apart from the crowd.

I hope your vision lives on....


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Curiosity and drive

I never knew much about Steve Jobs but the early stuff from Apple I grew up with (remember the Apple II+ computer and how much better it was than a TRS-80 ?!) probably shaped the curiousity to understand how things worked, from machine language back then to our current economic system flaws today.  Thanks Steve for showing us the potential each one of us has if we choose to be driven.   

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thanks to Steve ...

Another here who owes her self-employed business to the Mac. Way back when I was assigned to look into typesetting equipment for our in-house graphic design division. They were expecting a $100,000 typesetting machine ... instead I presented a small computer that for $4,000 promised to do the same stuff ... easier! My boss wasn't sold on the idea, so I took a deep breath and took out my first loan. The rest, as they say ...

I am thrilled his brilliance was recognized, sad that he was taken soon.

~ s

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 machine language back

 machine language back then to our current economic system flaws today.

 *grin* yup..

 steve's final intructions?

 >LDA #42   ; got it  !



 Inspirational speech at Stanford...


 and this song seems appropriate somehow..



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I worked all summer...

...of 1983 loading and unloading freight containers by hand in a sweltering warehouse in Compton. Then took pretty much everything I'd made and plunked it down on an Apple II+. (My Dad's bewilderment was substantial {grin}) Been a Mac ever since. Thanks Steve. May we all blaze such trails... Viva -- Sager

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Yes, he was a great innovator for a world that is passing. It's a shame his drive couldn't have been directed at something more useful for our futures.

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One quote that resonated with me

I never was much of an Apple or Jobs fan, but on the news I saw a snippet of a speech he made at Stanford around 2006.  To roughly quote:

"Your time is limited.  Don't waste it living someone else's life."

When you take stock of the fact that you spend more than a third of your adult life going to work it makes you wonder.


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 Plato1965, Thank you for

 Plato1965, Thank you for posting the speech at Stanford.  It was a great way to begin the workday and really makes me think about what my future direction should be.  I spend too many days thinking that I don't want to do what I do.  It's time to relight the fire, as time is short.


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