The 'GOOD NEWS' Thread

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The 'GOOD NEWS' Thread

Feel like complaining?  Feel like letting it all out?  Had a shit day and want to share the shit around?

If so, you are on the wrong thread!

This is the 'Good News' thread.

Heard any good news lately?  Post it here!

No sillyness!  This is a Sillyness Free Zone... no jokes and no silly photos....

CC is a SERIOUS site!

[thread inspired by dlsife's post ..  doom and gloom can be tiring]

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Re: The 'GOOD NEWS' Thread

More good news,

I'm off for two weeks to 'The land of the Long White Cloud'. [New Zealand]. 

I will visit my mum and dad, go trout fishing with my uncle, watch my nephew compete in his go-kart, and take helicopter trips up the rivers and over the mountains with my brother-in-law the pilot.  Much fun will be had by all.  

See you in Mad March 2009;  it's shaping up to be the Baddest, Maddest March of them all...

Who will play Caesar?  Who will play Brutus?  CM can play the Soothsayer.... I'll play the fiddle.

Straight, Brisbane.



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Good News from the Great Northwest

Hi Everybody,

 My wife and I have been  working on getting a community garden started in our city, Bellingham, WA.  We have spent 6 months planning it, figuring out the cost of construction for fencing and 50 raised beds, etc.  This is an all volunteer effort.  We are thrilled at the number of people who have come forward to say "I want to help."  Recently, we received a $5,000 grant to assist us, and a great half-page newspaper article. Since then we've have 27 people sign up for a plot this year.  We are so happy, and grateful, that we have so many good people where we live, who recognize the value of learning to grow your own organic food, and want to help each other.  We are truly blessed to live here.

Ben and Dee Andrews


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Re: The 'GOOD NEWS' Thread

Let me see .....

It is Friday night and we have the weekend ahead of us

It is valentines day tomorrow

My 4 yr old son allowed me to leave him at playcentre today without having hysterics

I am a bit closer to understanding gold, and a bit closer to actually buying some

I have enjoyed gorging on summer fruit all day long

There you are.  Nothing huge like Ben and Dee, but have contributed to the positivity.





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Mike P and Dogs/Cat's daughter will meet

Mike P and Dogs/Cat's daughter ( Kristina) are finally meeting next week.

There really has never been any real matchmaking, Kristina has a boyfriend.  She will be attending Mike's presentation at Virginia Tech, I am glad she is going, I know she will learn from Mike.  

Mike thanks for giving us a few laughs and being such a good sport about all of this!  Wish I had another daughter to "marry off" and get you into the family...Smile


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Re: The 'GOOD NEWS' Thread


It's a beautiful day here in New Mexico, the sun is shining, there's food in the cupboard and adventures to be had!

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Re: The 'GOOD NEWS' Thread

Retail sales up 1% in January


Although these economists are all over the place, the general consensus seems to be that that the money spent on the huge stimulus package will be very nearly completely repaid by the increase in GDP as a result of the stimulus:


Now, this being, "good" news tends to be heavily discounted, ridiculed, and/or trivialized, while anything that comes from the mouth of the top Doom and Gloomers is hailed as the word of god (Nouriel Roubini, Meredith Whitney, Peter Schiff, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, James Grant, Jeremy Grantham, Christopher Wood, etc). This is something that has always disturbed me about this site. Chris says "However, to vaguely imply that people here aren't posting material that you think would prevent "others" from thinking this place 'kooky' and/or 'credible' is really not taking responsibility for yourself.  It is laying the onus entirely outside of yourself, first for finding material you deem appropriate and second for 'others' to receive it 'properly'. You can fully control the former and never the latter" in response to Dlslife, who said, "I just think that to avoid the "kook" label that gets through around at sites like this, we should deal openly and honestly with news and opinions that don't exactly fit with the way we see things going."

I enjoy reading the forums on this site. But although I often recommend the CC to people, I cringe when I think about some of the things posted in the forums and feel like I need to warn the people I recommend the CC to that "Chris' site attracts a lot of people with extreme ideas" cause I don't want them to let the forums discount the valuable information in the CC (things like "lets all have a revolt and refuse to pay our credit debts"  and lengthy discussions on the best guns to buy when the world turns into a Mad Max movie). A balance of ideas and information, and critical non-biased analyses of the economic news would go along ways to enhancing credibility. I think the CC itself does this well.

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Re: The 'GOOD NEWS' Thread

Ahhhhh, yes. This is a fabulous reminder thread.

My husband's grandmother is 98, still living in her home by herself with lots of visits from friends and neighbors, and she is an unrelentingly cheerful, grateful woman who says over and over again, "I'm too blessed to be stressed!"

When I first met her, I thought she was, oh, I don't know, naive or jejune, but I did believe that her longevity and health were connected to that trait of hers. Yet I was too sophisticated to be able to emulate it, I was sure.

 Fast forward 15 years to last fall, take the chronic stressful thoughts of parenting that were already triggering anxiety disguised as digestive attacks from time to time, and add to it the whole new universe of worry that opened when I found the CC, and I was really starting to feel the mind-body connection in a not good way.

I woke up a month or so ago with the usual litany of negative thoughts, ranging from what I *have* to do today, to how the world might go to hell soon, and I realized that I was shortening my life with this mental habit pattern, and it was time to put some real effort into counteracting the stream of mental programming that has been flowing into my mind for years now.

So every morning, I lay in bed and I take several minutes to cultivate gratitude. I think of how wonderfully warm and cozy the bed is, and I look at my kids and think how wonderful it is that they are well and vibrant, that my folks are healthy and independent, my husband and I are strong and vigorous. I think about the huge, fabulous house we live in (it would seem palatial to the vast majority of the world's residents, even though it's not that special by American standards) and I wait to feel that softening and relaxing around the heart center, to know that I've truly evoked gratitude and peace, and I go on with my day.

I feel so much better as a result of this, and my anxiety attacks have almost evaporated. When I do feel anxiety start to rise in me, I notice it and start reminding myself of all I have to be grateful in this moment.

 So, my good news is that my garden beds are ready to plant out with spring crops, here in northern Colorado, once we put the row cover on, I've made a connection with a small homestead nearby to co-garden on their land, we're helping a Home Grown Food organization get off the ground in our town, our chickens are thriving as are the rest of us. My house is warm, it's beautifully snowy outside. Our pantry is full. With a few budgetary tweaks, we can survive on Dh's halftime job, which turns out to be far more recession-proof so far than theLA Times gig he left before everything went to hell there. All is well.



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