Good news, everyone! That pesky recession is over. -Geithner

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Good news, everyone! That pesky recession is over. -Geithner

"Over the past two years, the Administration, along with Congress and financial regulators, implemented emergency policies that ended the worst recession since the Great Depression and put the nation on a path to economic recovery."

I suppose it shouldn't shock me, but it is such a slap in the face. I still find it hard to believe that people would believe this kind of hokum. Such a sad change of tone from the 2006 financial report listed among the Essential Articles.


Also, can someone here verify whether I'm interpreting the data on page (xi) correctly regarding SOSI liability? Something (PPACA, I assume from Geithner's intro) lowered the SOSI liability by $15 trillion? I guess if you don't want to pay it yourself, you can always just put the debt on someone else's shoulders.


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Re: Good news, everyone! That pesky recession is over. ...

Welcome to the forums Legamin.  That is a good first post.  I'm so happy to know that happy days are here again.  Somehow I'd missed the change. :)


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Re: Good news, everyone! That pesky recession is over. ...

Hi Legamin


Whew! I'm so happy to here things can go back to normal now. Time to buy that McMansion.

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Re: Good news, everyone! That pesky recession is over. ...


Well, business is picking up around here. Military contracts have the suppliers humming with activity producing parts for the machines. Additionally, the USA President is coming to visit my town next week to celebrate the local economy and a local company (Orion Energy) With Forbes Magazine just recognizing Manitowoc as the 2nd best town to raise a family, things might be looking up, or, more than likely, we are at the top and have nothing left but to drop back down into the abyss:-). I am trying to get in on the Presidential visit as I am part owner in a solar heating installation business, but the Mayor sent an email response, basically telling all those requesting that time is too short (there are unreported reasons why the President comes here).

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Re: Good news, everyone! That pesky recession is over. ...

Now if someone could convince that stubborn economy!
Welcome =)


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