Good Apartment Safe?

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Good Apartment Safe?

Hi everyone --

I just finished watching the Crash Course.  I've got a bit of a challenge seeing as I live in NYC, and our survival options are few and far between.  Still, I've got an action list a mile long that I'm beginning to work through.

My question is about home safes.  I want to start keeping some gold and silver at my apartment -- not much, but enough in the event of a bank run or economic collapse.  I've been looking for a nice home safe that does the trick, but I live in a rental apartment so I can't exactly mount anything to the infrastructure of the building.  If I go to small, a cleaning lady could walk off with it, so one thing I've considered is somehow chaining a safe to a water pipe that runs through my kitchen . . . about the only immovable object in my place.

Any advice on a good model? 



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Is a Safe in your home really Safe?

I've been looking for a nice home safe that does the trick...

Start by watching a few videos on how (little) it actually takes to break into your new safe (there are many similar videos available on Youtube on how easy it is to break into a wide range of safes):

When you finally do buy a safe, remember the following:

1.  Make sure your safe has a "relocking device" (not cheap, but absolutely it)

2.  Hide the safe completely out of sight, bolt it to the floor in a closet (holes can be filled when you move), and don't tell anyone where it is or that you even have one

3.  NEVER, EVER TELL ANYONE YOU ARE STORING GOLD AT YOUR HOME (no matter how small the amount)

4.  Remember that the easiest way to break into your safe is for someone to know you have it, know what's in it, and then simply hold a gun to your head.  This is the ultimate Catch-22:  You're dead if you open it, and you're dead if you don't. 

Please be careful.  If you cannot do all of the above, you will be putting yourself in more danger than it's worth to have a safe at home.


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One other idea is to have

One other idea is to have the safe, and put your real valuables somewhere else.  The safe is a foil, not the real thing.  Some non essential things could be stored there.  Another option is to find a secure storage (bank vault type) facility not owned by a bank.  Most cities have them.  This would allow you to keep something there for the future.  If there is a major meltdown of the economy, bunkering in a NYC apartment is a tough option. As a third, I personally would plan a rendevous outside the city with anyone you want to be with in the crisis, if it comes.  If you structured things that way then keeping the valuables could be done outside of the city.

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