Gold Fraud could be door to the rabbit's hole.

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Gold Fraud could be door to the rabbit's hole.

This gold fraud could well be the entrance to the main rabbit hole.

The money system controls the planet. False (fiat) money is issued as debt and charged with interest that can never be repaid. Therefore debt = control.

As all money is issued as debt, and if all debts were repaid, all money would disappear. Money and debt are the same thing. Therefore, money = debt.

If A = B, and B = C, then Money = control over all people, all governments, and all commerce.


The Emperor has no clothing and an ignorant and controlled population believe he does.


The gold fraud, currently getting some first press, could expose the essence of the false money system, and open up exposure to the real owners of this planet.

These 'few at the top' have used their counterfeiting machines to collect the labour of the world, and have bought up most of the world's gold supply for their own interest. Many countries were looted of the bulk of their gold during the bottom of the market prices, on or around the 2001 low.

England is currently under investigation of selling their gold, and Switzerland's gold was stolen at the same time. Their first sales were handled behind the closed doors of the BIS to undisclosed buyers, so the public would not see the real private bankers receiving their country's gold.

Rothschild, has always been the controller of the London Bullion Market. He left a few years ago because he knew the gold fraud would soon become open. Same reasoning for the sale of Master Card and Visa, new IPO's, issued just before the crash, knowing the finance industry would soon collapse.

The great markets of the LBMA and the Comex who currently trades billions of dollars of money in paper gold and silver, are actually trading paper not backed by the any metals. The metals are long gone and a great scam is being played out where the banking system issues, sells, and safekeeps almost all bullion. It is a closed loop. Gold is never transferred from one place to another, it's just paper trades. It is a casino that will return paper money to many investors who trusted they would receive gold and silver instead, and is just another Wall St. scam...


The way to make it transparent is for us to exchange all of our paper promises for precious metals, in hand. Within the investigations of the fraud there will be windows of opportunity to see the people behind curtain.

We should buy more metal, as it will soon disappear. We know the paper money is fake, it's not such a large stretch to believe the paper PM markets, are also fake.

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