Gold confiscation / demonetization... what if

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Gold confiscation / demonetization... what if

Okay, I apologize for bringing this up again.  I know it's been beaten to death.  But the November thread, while it enlightened me on various reasons why confiscation/demonetization/super-regulation of gold, silver, (other PMs?) would or would not occur, left me uncertain as to how to proceed.  As history proves that the impossible is possible, and as the best security is being prepared for anything, let's just say it's gonna happen for the reasons others have already stated.   Could we discuss specific preparations?   Others have mentioned owning platinum/paladium, ownership in another country, ownership in different forms (jewelry, bars, etc.).  And perhaps there is "if A, do B".   Any other specific actions I should be taking?

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Re: Gold confiscation / demonetization... what if

For my part I put my faith in silver. In one ounce denominations it is easily traded unlike gold. Yes I think gold will be made illegal to own in any worthwhile quantity but to make silver illegal has been tried and it failed because there is too much of it (compared to gold) and it is used in too many industries so it makes it harder to control.

But PM's could have the hell taxed out of them blunting significantly their value.

Then there is trade of PM's on a black market but you wouldn't get a premium price.

If things really fall apart then items like liquor, cigarettes, coffee, etc may have substantial value. But all of that really hinges on timing. Cigarettes don't keep well nor does coffee and eventually your stash would be depleted and you would not have an inexpensive resource to restock from so that all would be a one shot deal. You could make money by distilling your own liquor and I'm sure the new 'moonshine' industry will be very successful as well as beer and wine. I make sake'. It is relatively easy to make and has an alchohol content between 18%-20%.

Another area for making cash would be greenhouse farming but you'll have to be prepared to defend the hell out of it.

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