going to McCain/Palin Rally on 10/08/08 What should I ask them, given a chance?

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going to McCain/Palin Rally on 10/08/08 What should I ask them, given a chance?

A friend got me a ticket to the McCain/Palin Rally (Even though he knew I am a died-hard Ron Paul follower) If given a chance, what should I ask them?


Last chance for me to check is 10:00 AM EST on 10/08/08


And a BIG THANK YOU  to Chris for the wonderful course he has put together,,,

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It boggles my mind to think of attending a rally for people I can't stand. I went to a rally for George Wallace years ago to protest when he was running for President. It was very unpleasant for me.

Any question you ask them will be answered by a lie. They are also both clueless.

My thought...Just get some good pictures or trinkets as souvenirs; maybe they will  be collectables some day!


If anyone is worried about collectables when there is no oil and the oceans are up a few feet!



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When do they think oil will peak?

You should ask them when do they think oil will peak, and what is their military and economic strategy to deal with the issue. 

Then giggle as they spin like mad.



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you are a ron paul supporter and you are asking given the opportunity what to ask?

HELLO! !!!!!!! try these on governor palin... do you have any earthly idea what the federal reserve is?

if so do you agree with its ahem monetary policies?

if not what would you do about it?

senator mcain sir ....do you have any earthly  idea  what the federal reserve is?

if so do you agree with it's ahem monetary policy?

if not what would you do about it?

then ask a follow up as the fbi escorts you from the building .

do you have any idea who ron paul is and why he got no coverage from the media?

look back over your shoulder and watch as palin winks and mccain nods.

one suggestion drink lots of alcohol and take lots of drugs otherwise none of it will make any sense.

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What to ask McCain/Palin?

How about: Why the "F" am I here? Get a grip. When each candidate rushed in to cast a vote for the bailout, they made a declaration: nothing will change. If you subscribe to history, you can't possibly hold hope that the two parties will make any real reform. Better to batten down the hatches and wait for the change to take place all on its own.


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Good Luck
Prepare yourself for what you're likely to witness. Take any nausea medication you might have handy. McCain's sputtering campaign is doing so miserably this "rally" is apt to be just another tightly controlled, carefully choreographed display of mindless adoration for an angry old man whose defining characteristic is naked ambition and, at his side, a wit-deficient, illiterate wannabe who fiercely defends a "sportsman's" right to shoot wildlife from aircraft. In the unlikely event you do actually get to pose a question, offer the screeners and secret service a milquetoast, platitude-laden compliment disguised as a policy query. Then, when you've got McGrumpy's undivided attention, ask him how he and Miss Alaska can sleep at night while conducting a campaign based on fear, smears, and bigotry and utterly devoid of substance and innovation. Be ready,though, the brownshirts will be moving toward you the moment they realize you've gone off script.
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The most important question of all !

Surely the most important question has to be as follows.......

" Sir, given the current challenges of financial meltdown, combined with peak oil, combined with the soon vast increase in damge caused by climate change, and the fact that whoever wins this election will be remembered and blamed as the hand on the tiller when the USA sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic, my question is.........are you absolutely mentally insane to want to take this job?"

It's a serious question, the public have to ask themselves what type of person would put their hand up for this job in todays climate.

And its got to be said, I bet Hiliary breathes a big sigh of relief that Barack popped her on the line.

Have a nice time there, it sure will be a historic occasion an d something to tell your grandkids about.

(Great site Chris)

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Re: What to ask McCain/Palin?
I decided not to waste my time after all,,,I never went
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What should I ask Palin if given a chance?
I'd ask her what kind of underwear is she wearing.

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