Glen Beck show on 3/13 = Glen losing it or what?

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Glen Beck show on 3/13 = Glen losing it or what?

Wow...  I just got through watching today's show on the DVR, as Glen had been promoting something special about it all week.  I'm stunned at what I think I just saw.  First of all, he got all teary eyed and choked up at least 5 or 6 times throughout the show and could barely go on (I've never seen him do anythling like this, nor any other broadcaster I can think of).  The show ended up being largely about the benefits of defining and living true to our higher values, the importance of family, community and faith to survive tough times, etc., but it was bizzare.  It was almost like watching a televangelist or telethon or--  I still can't really articulate it yet, but it was strange the way it came across on the screen.  It also felt like the show was trying to seriously scare or warn viewers about very hard times ahead, but on the other hand it somehow seemed like I was watching a bad Saturday Night Live skit about Glen Beck breaking down on camera over the economic catastrophe of our century...

Did anyone else see the show and feel something was extraordinarily odd about this show?  Or is it just me imagining it?

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Re: Glen Beck show on 3/13 = Glen losing it or what?

I found it to be a big let-down and couldnt watch after about 20 mins, in which time I saw the tears, the love me man. were all together love fest. I was really hoping for something more in the face of the system. Doesnt sound like I missed much after leaving the house.

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Re: Glen Beck show on 3/13 = Glen losing it or what?

I'm a Glenn Beck fan but I was also dissapointed with Friday's show.  He had a huge run up but the show was pretty much a rehash of what he's had on his show before.  About the tears, Glenn's a really emotional guy, if you listen to him on his show for very long, his emotions show quite often.

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Re: Glen Beck show on 3/13 = Glen losing it or what?

I thought the segment with the Green Beret and the SEAL (Marcus Luttrell), was fascinating.  Particularly Luttrell's frank admission that after 9/11 all he wanted to do was "wreak havoc and chaos" upon the Afghanis and Iraqis and his equally frank admission that the only reason he was alive was due to the kindness of the same people he wanted to kill - who extended pashtunwali lokhay to him and kept the Taliban from taking him.

I think he understands probably better than most what true "community" means - both from being a member of an elite warfare community and the recipient of Pashtun code that was extended to him.

The rest of the show had a bit too much of Glenn Beck "Drama Queen" for me. 

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Re: Glen Beck show on 3/13 = Glen losing it or what?


Have you ever seen a movie called "The Beast"?
Speaking of Pashtun Lokhay, it's an film about the Wahabbis and their code, the Russian occupation and their general mentality, and warriorship in general. I enjoyed it immensly - I think you might like it a lot.

On Glenn Beck, I didn't see this particular show, but I think he's probably breaking down a little. He's been burning this candle at both ends - and largely by himself.

We'll see what happens, but I think he's way more clued in to the happenings than most in that field.
It's got to be overwhelming knowning that things are effed up, and not being able to garner any mainstream recognition.



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