Getting your spouse/family onboard?

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Getting your spouse/family onboard?

I think this is a fundamental problem many of us have, "getting the spouse to participate". Despite showing the facts surrounding us, the other spouse refuses to believe such things can happen. Afterall, they have not heard about it on the nightly news. Besides, forward thinking individuals are seen as crazy. Other family members act in a similar fashion, since their job market was affected very little. The reluctance and disbelief seems to be everywhere.


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Here's your reading material:

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Also try...


Viva -- Sager

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Also WSID Reading..

Here are 2 Additional articles from the WSID series that may give some insights.

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Ignorance is bliss

Just keep on doing what survival prepping you want to do and make it look like you've got a new interest in gardening and farming.  The spouse doesn't need to know till the last minute, if it will upset the spouse too much.

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