Gerald Celente

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Gerald Celente

I was listening to the radio today and ran across a man who is similiar to the current views. The thing is, he has been right over the past 20 some odd years time and time again, and goes along with Chris's crash course. Here is the link to what I was listening to.

He is worth listening to.




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Re: Gerald Celente

Celente is a smart man. I have been following him for a while. I cant find one of his recent quotes that I wanted to share here, but it is a pretty grim outlook for this nation. I want to believe that he is incorrect in some of his assumptions but I know better.

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Re: Gerald Celente

he has come up in the forum before. if you go thru the archives you will find quite a bit about his predictions

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Re: Gerald Celente

He is on the Alex Jones show at today click on listen to radio show

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