Gerald Celente 2009 Predictions

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Gerald Celente 2009 Predictions

Here's a broad outline of Gerald Celente's outlook for 2009 from latest Financial Sense Newshour Podcast by Jim Puplava read from Celente's Trends Research Institute newsletter located in hour 3 segment--part 1.

Celente labeled in December 2007 that 2008 would be called the "Panic of 2008"...centered on financial morass (pretty accurate).

Overview...Called "Collapse of 2009" - will see a range of Calamities that will leave no sector unscathed.

  • Next in line...retail which accounts for 70% of consumer spending.
  • Multiple bankruptcies of major retailers.
  • Thousands of stores closing.
  • Commercial Real Estate Crashes.
  • Credit Card sector financial stability further impacted.

 11 Trends.

1.)  Collapse Of 2009. Continued bailouts and actions to maintain status quo.

  • Government attempts at all levels to increase taxes, fees to replace lost revenue and cost of bailouts to maintain government operating as normal. 
  • Taxpayers will resist--rise of anti-tax, anti-government movements and will flourish. 
  • Tax revolt kits on how to get referendums to voters will become available.

2.)  The Greatest Depression.  A combination of factors will lead to this being the decline and fall of the American Empire.

  • Serious questions about safety of banks and your money.
  • Sales of Safes and Guns are rising dramatically.
  • Increases in crime as economy deteriorates.

3.)  The Second American longer not a question of if...but when and how will unfold.

  • Combination of factors and actions by government (bailouts, special interests) leading to concentration of power.
  • Question is what will be the spark(s). 
  • This is and will be unprecedented in American History.

4.)  Obama-rama.

  • Election of Obama marketed and sold to world and people as ushering a new political era.
  • Obama success will be more sleight of hand and deception than integrity and determination of honoring principles.
  • Example:  Obama cabinet is largely a retread of Clinton's team.
  • No evidence Obama can ameliorate or arrest  points 1 through 3 above.

5.)  Economic Slimfast.

  • Americans will go on debt, spending and fitness diet.
  • Return of frugality in daily lives (individual and use of groups)...just beginning...will accelerate conditions worsen.

6.)  Bush Gardens

  • Increase in gardening and ways to become self sufficient.
  • Local efforts to reduce local living costs.

7.) Whole Health replace costly and inefficient health care.

8.)  Little People Squeeze.

  • Politicians and Government to maintain status quo as revenues fall find ways to get money from public.
  • Government think of everything (Sales and Sin Taxes, Fees, Registration, etc.) get money.
  • Historically, all governments failwhen taxes become burdonsome to average person.

9.)  Regenerative Medicine - Biotechnology, stem cell research.

10.)  Entertainment Rebirth (That's Entertainment).  Cheap new forms of entertainment.

11.) College Crash...costs too prohibitive with not enough return on investment. Rise of on-line, virtual education.


Thought others might find this as interesting as I did. 





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Re: Gerald Celente 2009 Predictions

Thanks, Nichoman.

I've been following Celente for a little bit now, and one thing I have to say is that the guy makes me laugh (aside from his usually dire predictions). The way he skewers power and illuminates the -- at times -- sheer absurdity and farcical nature of our situation send me rollin'. I guess that makes him both cathartic and prescient.

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Re: Gerald Celente 2009 Predictions

I just finished listening to the podcast. They reviewed a whole variety of 2009 predictions from various sources along with some review of  2008 predictions from last year. Very interesting. Predictions ranged widely - such as S&P predictions ranging  from 400 to 1200 - of course it may well hit both! In general it seemed most thought the first half would be more bad news and it will improve the second half.


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Re: Gerald Celente 2009 Predictions

The predictions sure varied.  Some seemed to think things were going to get worse the first part of the year then recover as stimulus stuff kicked in.  Others thought there would be a near term rally, then a big collapse as the year passes and we realize how really bad things are.

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Re: Gerald Celente 2009 Predictions

I'm with CoonCat. Celente is entertaining, and he has largely been correct so far. I like his independent personality.

The most dire prediction is the Revolution. I agree with him that either inflation or taxes and fees will eventually cause some big rebellion in America. I agree with him that there will most likely be some sort of Revolution, though I know not how or when.

One of my favorite Celente quotes went something like this (really though, you had to hear him say it, wish I had a link). This came from this past fall.

"George Bush was just up here near where I live and he was there to reassure us that the government was going to protect our interests and do their best to take care of the American people at this time. Wait a minute?! I got a black belt in karate and a 12 gauge in my posession. I'll take care of myself! Come on, you mean when there's civil unrest and riots and someone breaks into my house, Barack Obama is going to take care of me?! Barney Frank is going to take care of me?! Nancy Pelosi is going to take care of me?!"

You had to hear his crass, mocking voice...[sigh] I wish I could find that link.


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Re: Gerald Celente 2009 Predictions
Gerald Celente wrote:

3.)  The Second American longer not a question of if...but when and how will unfold.

  • Combination of factors and actions by government (bailouts, special interests) leading to concentration of power.
  • Question is what will be the spark(s). 
  • This is and will be unprecedented in American History.

Yes, count me in for the revolution!  We have no country, we are owned by the private Federal reserve banksters who are destroying everything our founding fathers fought for.  

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