The Future of Utility Companies

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The Future of Utility Companies

Hello everyone,

I've juggled this question for some time myself and been unable to clearly decide an answer and I wanted to pose it to this community for ideas.

The question is two-fold, one general and then a personal aspect if you wish to comment.

First, how would you consider the future of utility companies to pan out considering the difficulties in energy/economy/environment looking forward?  Will rising energy costs prove a boon via rates?  Will economic suppression and lost demand prove stifling?  Will government interventionism focus heavily on energy and provide a boon? Or will mandates against price increases lead to shortages, declining profitability, and cut backs? In what ways could utilities succeed or fail in the kind of future we (people on this site) generally expect?

Second, I am a mechanical engineer (went back to school for it at 26 and graduated last year) I chose to specialize in energy systems after finding this site 3 and a half years ago and reading it almost daily since.  I'm beginning next week as an engineer for a reknown utility in the north east working on distribution and transmission development projects.  I will live in a densely populated area but within 1 mile of my job, and all necessary shopping locales.  How would you rate my choice given your personal answers to the above question and your feelings on the various future trends in the manner of careers?  Engineers typically don't have rural employment opportunities and large commutes are counter to the philosophy of being resilient in a declining energy world.  And finally if anyone has a career/life choice aligned with the above subject do they have any comments or perspectives to add?

Thanks and I look forward to reading your opinions.

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