Funny parallel - the case of Mr. Soddy

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Funny parallel - the case of Mr. Soddy

"..a more perceptive, and more troubling, diagnosis is suggested by the work of a little-regarded British chemist-turned-economist who wrote before and during the Great Depression."

This article reminded me a bit of someone...


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Re: Funny parallel - the case of Mr. Soddy

Thank you, brjohnson789, for that link.

The "someone..." you refer to appears to be far more personable than the 'difficult' Mr. Soddy but their analysis is very similar.

I'd like to see the essence of the facts presented in as many metaphors as can be conceived. Enough of them could turn arcane facts into common knowledge and make laughingstocks of the "Men Behind the Curtain" and especially, their pawns in the media, government and business.

"The ruling passion of the age," Soddy said, "is to convert wealth into debt" — to exchange a thing with present-day real value (a thing that could be stolen, or broken, or rust or rot before you can manage to use it) for something immutable and unchanging, a claim on wealth that has yet to be made. Money facilitates the exchange; it is, he said, "the nothing you get for something before you can get anything."

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