Free Silver Dollar and Creature from Jekyll Island

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Free Silver Dollar and Creature from Jekyll Island

I just ordered the Creature from Jekyll Island for $26.45. This price includes a Peace or Morgan Silver Dollar and shipping.

This is the book that Chris says  started it all for him. If you have not read it I highly recommend it, especially now.

Basically you are getting the book for free. It could be a start on the road to buying gold and silver

Call 1-800-686-2237

om shanti


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Re: Free Silver Dollar and Creature from Jekyll Island

Cool, thanks.



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Re: Free Silver Dollar and Creature from Jekyll Island

I'm curious to hear other opinions about the book. I have it and read it, and it was very insightful (inciteful?). It seemed well researched and had copious references and footnotes. I give him much credit for that. However, some of the things he gets into in the Doomsday chapter seemed a bit overeaching to me. Frankly I wish I had stopped reading when he switched from history to opionating. I don't want to start any drawn out arguments about what he says, but I am interested to see other reviews of the book from this group.

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Re: Free Silver Dollar and Creature from Jekyll Island

I'm about half-way through this book and got it because if appears on CM's recommended list.  I find 85% of it fascinating, totally worth the time, and very well documented.  The other 15% I am sceptical of because it is based (or at least appears to be so far - again I'm only 1/2 way through) on circumstantial evidence and the author's opinion of what this circumstantial evidence might mean.    That being said, just the parts on the Fed are well worth it.  Highyl recommended!

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Re: Free Silver Dollar and Creature from Jekyll Island

An abridged audio version is up on Demonoid. It's crappy rm but transcodes nicely to mp3. I thought the content was very good and avoids the questionable stuff mentioned above.

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Re: Free Silver Dollar and Creature from Jekyll Island

joe2baba - thanks for the scoop, I plan on buying 4 copies for my nephews so that will add some fun for them.  I also liked Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country - any scoop on it?

Patrick Brown - Great news - you are reading this book and I would suggest your remain skeptical of everything you hear or read about the ruling elite and the economic history of the US.  I've seen your posts and I can tell you're a bright and independent thinker - you will find your truth on your own.  

One good thing, while the MSM has been very successful in keeping the truth from couch potatoes, there are a number of very reputable books and Internet sources that will help you in your search - one good video is the "Money Masters."  It focuses on history and will help build a good foundation.

One of the things in the Money Masters that really got me thinking:

"I can tell you right now that there is going to be a crash
of unprecedented proportions. A crash like we have never seen before in
this country. The greatest shock of this decade is that more people are
about to loose more money then at any
time before in history, but the second greatest shock will
be the incredible amount of money a relatively small group of people will
make at the same time. You see, in periods of economic upheaval in periods
of economic crisis, wealth is not destroyed, it is merely transferred."

- Larry Bates

This was a very important epiphany for me - I had thought that yes, things might get bad, but there was no way anyone would create a financial crisis on purpose - how could they, and after all wouldn't they hurt themselves in the process?   

I wish I could simply say "enjoy your adventure" but unfortunately, I suspect that you will find some uncomfortable truths - but as they say - the truth will set you free!





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