Free Lakota Bank

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Free Lakota Bank

Hi, Everyone!

Chris, thank you for your site and hard work.  Much appreciated!

Does anyone have any additional information on the recent announcement of the Free Dakota Bank?





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Re: Free Lakota Bank

Looks to me like you need to spend that coin in the Lakota nation...maybe the bank is on a reservation? Or, they just want a classy way of selling 1 oz. silver. I don't think silver is anywhere near $40/oz......



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Re: Free Lakota Bank

Yes, I too thought the price a tad high.  Also, looked up the website on the Lakotas themselves and on their forum, there is a statement which says they are NOT part of this bank.  So was wondering if anyone else knew something. 

Thanks for your response. 


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Re: Free Lakota Bank

Below are some interesting responses I found on-line that may help:



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    November 24th, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    I was hoping that we had heard the last of this group, but I feel I need to
    put things in prospective.

    I have a dear friend in Colorado who is a respected tribal lawyer and
    licensed to practice in many tribal courts throughout the west and
    mid-west. I spoke to him about the withdrawing from treaties and he knew
    exactly who I was talking about.

    Please read the link below and note that this claim was made by 3 people
    NOT the Treaty Council, the traditional government of the Lakota.

    Take note that one of these people is the contact for this Free Lakota
    Bank, Canupa Gluha Mani.‘No_treaty_withdrawal’,_says_Lakota_elder

    Also, one of these 3 people is Russell Means. I have pasted below a portion
    of a press release from AIM’s on Feb 20, 1999 about Russell means. This is
    not anyone we need to associate ourselves with.

    “What is especially egregious and outrageous about Russell Mean’s
    violations of the laws of the Dine Nation is that he is charged with
    assault and battery against his father-in-law, Mr. Leon Grant who is a
    revered elder of both the Omaha and Dine Nation and is 80 years of age and
    has an artificial arm. We, of the American Indian Movement Grand Governing
    Council are no longer surprised by Russell’s clownish antics. He continues
    to deceitfully mis-represent the American Indian Movement in order to
    deceive those peoples and organizations worldwide, who due to their
    goodwill, and support of the Indian cause may have already, or will
    contribute to his appeal through his personal web page where he solicits
    money for the Russell Means Philanthropy and AIM Club Membership in name of
    the American Indian Movement, and an “Immersion Indian School” that never
    existed, nor does it exist at this time.”

    Please check this out and repost it. We don’t need any black marks on the
    Campaign for Liberty.

    Restore The Republic / The Velvet Revolution

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    Randy Speeg
    November 25th, 2008 at 8:48 am

    don’t know where Teresa has got her information from, but the movement
    for independence via treaty withdraw by the Lakotah Nation is very real
    and factual.

    The below information is taken from Russel Means’ website.

    Oglala Sioux Indian Tribal Presidential Election Results:

    - 55% for Theresa Two Bulls the incumbent State Senator, on the “same old, same old” colonial ticket

    - 45% for Russell Means on the Freedom Ticket
    What this means for the ROL:

    * 45% of this Tribe voted for Freedom! This vindicates the R.O.L.
    in the eyes of the the colonized tribal government and establishment
    press who claimed the R.O.L., and specifically Russell Means, did not
    have “official sanctions.”
    * We accomplished our original goal of identifying the percentage of tribal voters who want Freedom.
    * Our strategy will continue on the other Lakotah Indian Reservations
    when we run candidates on the same platform in their elections.
    * No longer can the colonized “vichy” Indians claim we don’t represent or speak for anyone.
    * We will be filming a video in the next day or two in which I will outline our next initiative:

    Now, all that being said, I believe that this “Free Bank of Lakota”
    is a total scam! I highly doubt that it has anything to do with the
    real Lakotah Tribe or Russell Means. There is no mention of this bank
    or this currency on either Means website or the Lakotah website. The
    current market value of once ounce of silver is under $15.00, to charge
    people $40.00 an ounce for silver is just criminal. The Lakotah people
    are a proud and honest people, they would never operate a scam like

    The website for the AOCS currencies
    has different sites of “novelty” silver coins listed. All of them
    priced at $50 (the face value of the “Lakota” coin), which is way
    overpriced for silver.

    The people behind this should be ashamed for making profit by
    exploiting name of the Lakotah people, and taking advantage of people
    who don’t know enough about silver investing to spot such a scam.

    By the way, the real Lakotah do spell their name with an “H” so
    don’t you think that they would have named their first bank likewise?

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    November 25th, 2008 at 10:28 am

    Any bets on just how long it is before the Feds shut this operation down?

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    Give Me Freedom

    November 25th, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    so called back is a sham. For one the Lakotah name is spelled wrong. I
    questioned it when I saw the silver prices. $40 ea. for 1 to 5 1oz
    99.9% pure silver coins. I can purchase through 1oz 99.9%
    pure silver American Eagle coins for $15.51 ea. no matter how many
    coins I purchase. I called my contact at Goldline to verify their
    prices. The so called Lakota bank could be selling chocolate filled
    coins for all we know.

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Re: Free Lakota Bank


Excellent information, and thank you!  There are so many scams right now, and this kind of smelled like one of them.  I appreciate your time, effort, and knowledge!

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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Re: Free Lakota Bank

Yeah This is an old thread but I wanted to add my 2cents.  I stumbled upon the Lakota coins and the AOCS and smelled a rat as well.  The thing that tipped me off was their list of  "Marketplace" companies.  Many of them seemed to simply be Domain names that are for sale or websites that have NO mention about barter/bullion currency.  I'm calling BS on the whole thing and anyone associated with them.  Just wanted to throw that out there incase anyone else wound up here. 

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Re: Free Lakota Bank

It's really sad that someone decided to use this as a scam as it really is a good idea.  Oh well.

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Re: Free Lakota Bank

I can't speak for the Free Lakota Bank as I have not done business with them. However, I can talk about the AOCS system and the marketplace. I have contacted about a dozen retailers in the Dallas, TX area and all except one was a working listing and they did in fact accept AOCS coins. The one that was not working was out of business. When I checked back a week or two later it was gone.

Like other barter networks, those who are part of the AOCS system do not usually advertise on their website. However, if you follow up with the phone number and mention the contact on the marketplace listing you will be able to get more info on their AOCS barter policy. Here are items that I have bought in the DFW area using AOCS silver coins:

  • House cleaning services
  • From Ag Trading Post: water bottles, soap, beef jerky (really good), Enchilada's Restaurant Gift Certificates (50% off with AOCS Coins!), high quality beef, homemade jam, homemade peanut brittle (yum), homemade fudge, high end foo foo soap... the list goes on and on.

Anyway, I can understand the skepticism. However, if you're skeptical just follow up on the marketplace businesses in your area. Be sure and ask for the contact that created the listing. I think you'll find a good way to barter with honest money, and you'll get a discount to boot.

BTW, the reason I found this thread is because I'm looking for info on anyone who has done business with the Lakota Bank. The concept sounds appealing, but I need to do my due dillegence.


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Re: Free Lakota Bank

THREE THUMBS DOWN: I have rather intimate knowledge of this organization. The silver is for the most part is as GEORGIOUS as it is over priced - which if ya ask me, for small quantities/collectibles stashes anyhow, cancel each other out. So I appreciate it. Their business presence, with several of their 'medallions' (NeoCoin Series w/Dick Cheney/George Bush).. throw eggs in the faces of the tyrants and I like that, and even tho I seem to be in the minority among the detractors: I LIKE the HUGLY INFLATED 'Suggested Trade Value' of 1oz = 'FIFTY'.

It's REAL Honest "Money" that's completely voluntary/barter;
so you're welcome to refuse it's suggestion and trade it at whatever you might get.

In my business for example: I accept ANY '.999 Fine Silver' at AOCS suggested values as related to FRN's - but ONLY for labor.  Labor after all is something I can afford to accept 'less value' on, - as if an FRN has any value anyhow. It's all the same useless paper with different crap on it that our government jacked us all into having to cover when it inevitably falls all to shit.

The issue I have with this 'group' after nearly a year shadowing it from several perspectives and doing some research, - as I am quite taken in by what "they appear" to be up to is, (in my humble opinion): It's a total scam, perpetrated by 'Amway' hacks and pinkboy ionized water salesmen who could give a rats ass about my personal Liberty's so long as they get paid. Whatever they can do to create a multi-level market under the guise of honest money.

The Lakota Nation for example..  You spell it LAKOTAH for one. well, i guess ya don't have to. Ask Russell Means about it to hear: "The Republic of Lakotah is in NO WAY associated with this new “freelakotabank” Caveat Emptor!". Who is Russell Means you might ask: Only the most prominent member of the American Indian Movement. ..although Chairman 'Joseph Brings Plenty' of the 8500-member 'stay on the reservation crew' Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, saids that "Means does not speak for their members or any elected Lakota tribal governments".

The 'Bank' is purely a shill promotion to attract you to their family owned and nationwide network of extreme premium silver merchants.
Go ahead and try and setup an account to read "The launch of the new site is days away... please check back soon!". -uh hu.

Please read this:

Please don't misunderstand me, what their organization is doing to raise awareness to so many issues is WONDERFUL. I just think their degenerate scum, salesmen types who'll promise you anything to get you to understand what must be understood - and what's so wrong with that - as long as you educate yourself on the facts.

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Free Lakota Bank

Gut yom tov everyone.

                   Regarding the Lakota Free Bank, I really don't know where to begin, so I'll start from the beginning. Around 2 1/2  years ago, when Obama was elected I saw the writing on the wall and paniked.... thank God. I withdrew 90% of my money from the Bank and bought Silver, Platinum, Palatium and Copper bullion. Some of the Silver I deposited in the Lakota Free Bank @ 7.25% interest. Silver prices in 2008 were between $ 15-$18.50. I did pay more for the Lakota Silver, but not $ 40.00 an OZ., more around $ 24.00 an OZ. With the interest and the price of Silver doubling I have done much better then CDs, Bank interest or the Stock market. It is now 3 years later and the Free Lakota Bank is still around, the Feds have not shut them down. I would like to hear from anyone who has ordered Silver bullion from FLB and not recieved their order. Todays date 8/7/11 Silver is $ 38.32. FLB is selling their 1oz silver for $ 46.92 if you buy only 1 and 20 for $ 43.92 each = $ 878.40. Ebay is selling the same LFB today for $ 63.00.  Gainsville coins are selling American Silver Eagles for $ 42.17.  Ebay $ 46.75. To me it looks like Ebayers are the Scammers. I am willing to pay more for the LFB and hopefuly make it up on the interest and maybe be of some help to the " Injuns" ( I love to bait Liberals). Also is their any place I could depostit American Silver Eagles and earn interest? Please let me know. Back to Liberal Baiting. My wife is Fillipino and I am a White Guy, she also is 22 years younger then I am. When we are at an Up Scale Grocery store where your Limousine Liberals.. Mercede Marxist are know to frequent, we make our way to the Meat Department where I ask the Butcher in a loud voice if he has any "Dog" for sale for my wife( Fillipinos are know to eat dogs). Well my fellow patrons are now in a conundrum, do they follow the Political Correctness dictate that we must always be Sensitiveee to other Cultureees or the other dictate that Dogs are pets and should not be eaten. It is hysterical to watch their heads explode as they are forced to go back and forth in their minds on what to do.

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