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came across this article today.

the exponential function is not on the radar screen of those wanting to feed 10 billion people.

we will be living with about 3 billion more of us very soon. we will be bacteria on a petri dish

eating the gm food the scientists will drop on our plates.

for those of you who are planning to live like the amish or are starting your homestead to cope with the coming storm 

i suggest heirloom seeds. tho even those will be harder to get as the frankenstein pollen gets blown all over the planet

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Here is a good link with more info on the subject:

And here is one other good link:

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Re: Franken Food scare tactics


Reality: we humans have been eating genetically modified food for well over 10,000 years now.  Domesticated animals, and seed crops are in fact, engineered with crude methodologies.  This engineering with old methods -- which have just as large of health dangers -- have not slowed in the slightest since they have began.   Virtually all the food we eat, our parents eat,  and even our great great great grandparents ate is and has been, genetically modified by human activity. 

More recently, science has moved to a new set of genetic modification techniques.  This system expedities certain genetic modifications and makes these modifications as a whole more controllable.  For the past 10 years, Americans have devoured large sums of foods modified with these techniques and there have been no real detectable and relevant correlations between 'genetically modified foods' and 'health dangers'.

As such we can conclude that any health danger of these foods must necessarily be small enough to escape detection -- and hence, largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.  While it is certainly possible this could change, it is disenginous to imply that it will do so, or that there is even a large risk that it will do so.  Further, is a downright lie to claim that genetically engineered food represent and existing health danger to the people.

I do, however, agree that policy and consideration should be made with any modified food... and for that matter, for existing foods irregardless of modification.  We must stop the absurd idea that "natural foods" and "natural things" don't have their own health risks.

In any case, the argument against genetically modified foods, is in essence an argument for the status quo.   That is, smothering our foods in pesticides, and shoving our animals full of drugs.   Both of which have known and much more substantial health risks.   Why is it an argument for the status quo?  Because we can't feed the world population without either existing techniques, or genetic modification.   Hence the argument is in effect saying:  "Don't genetically engineer!  Use pesticides instead!".   This will remain true until a viable alternative is proposed.

In fact, genetically modifying foods can well become a health boon rather than a risk.  Consider eliminating allergenic proteins,  or increasing essential vitamins and minerals present in the food.  

Likewise genetically modified foods can offer solutions to other pressing problems.  They can increase productivity, decrease herbicide use, decrease pesticide use, decrease fertilizer use, increase biodiversity, shield against rot, expand available arable land,  etc...   All these can expand human food production while decreasing the environmental impact (and environmental damage also has health risks).


I won't claim there are no risks of genetically engineered foods.  There are real concerns.   These concerns however, have been twisted and blown well out of proportion.  Worse, the arguments against genetically modified foods have continously ignored the existing dangers of current methods.

The truth is that the promise of genetically engineered foods is simply to great to ignore.  The correction action seems to me to be both an embracing the technology, and an embracing of intelligent regulation.  (Though for various reasons, I personally think this is a technology that should be largely socialized.   One generation seeds are just dumb.)



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Re: Franken Food scare tactics

i suggest you buy stock in monsanto


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