Fox News - Gold is Hot Play Today!

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Fox News - Gold is Hot Play Today!

The talkingheads are making me literally sick.  It is all a game for these folks because they make their wage no matter what happens.   Just turn on your tv and listen to these financial talkingheads.  It is sickening.   It now looks like the SEC will step in when the crash comes as one of the players will reneg to help prop up the market and it is massage show so that will justification in their minds.

Does anyone realize there is no agreement yet in Europe?  

Just one example of massage:

WSJ today "U.S. Home Prices Post Seasonal Rise" is the headline then at the end of the article "The Case-Shiller index of 10 major metropolitan areas and the 20-city index both increased 0.9% in July from June. However, adjusted for seasonal factors, the sequential 10-city figure dropped 0.1% while the 20-city index was flat. Year-to-year, unadjusted July prices fell 3.7% for the 10 major markets while the 20-city index was down 4.1%."

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