Forgotten Technology

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Forgotten Technology

I just thought this was amazing.  Of course, I couldn't watch the vids because of dial up, but if this is for real, I'd like to get the cd. Doesn't it remind you of that old Italian guy who couldn't convince Academia that the world was round?  :-)

What do you think?

I hope this hasn't been posted here yet - I haven't been able to get on as much as I used to, so if it has, apologies to all!


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Re: Forgotten Technology

I thought it was excellent .. I think you will like the dvd

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Re: Forgotten Technology

What's the link about? I don't understand what this is about from what you're saying.

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Re: Forgotten Technology

Hi Rosemary

I remember learning that the Egyptians used a wood casing to make the rectangular blocks round and then rolled them. Remnants of the casings were found in the vacinity.

In the link he shows no pictures that I could see of him moving heavy weights. Given that he has so many pictures of the objects moved I am a bit skeptical.



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