Forbes' blogger: Peak Oil and ERoEI: Still Nonsense

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Forbes' blogger: Peak Oil and ERoEI: Still Nonsense

This is almost hummerous but the auther isn't trying to be funny.  The blogger's post and the comment(s) he made to those who replied to him, however, does illistrate the lack of critical thinking skills a MSM journalist can have.

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 Wow... that is all I can

 Wow... that is all I can say.  Forbes....and they hire folks with as much intellect as a paper clip?

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Poorly written AND illogical, a two-fer!

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2 sentences

I wrote recently about how peak oil is a rather nonsensical concept: technology is advancing at such a rate that we’re discovering entire new planets to explore for the stuff.


What? And exactly... how close are we to not only landing on, but mining other planets?

The problem with this is that while the math and physics of ERoEI is just fine, indisputable even, it’s just not a very useful conceit except in certain very limited situations

Math and physics... not very useful... except in limited situations...
I am literally floored by the stupidity of this comment, especially in light of the first sentence.
He discusses that "technology" (apparently seperate from "math and physics, which are situationally useful) is going to save us, but the same math and science is of no use when it comes to evaluating limitations.

This guy should be web-blogging on a slant mag in the dark corners of the interwebs, not on Forbes.
It's unreal how such cognitive dissonance can exist.



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At least I've now had my laugh for the day

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 new planets.. muhahaha

 new planets.. muhahaha !

 Lakes of methane on Titan ..  huge calorific supply - (just add oxygen) !

Alas.. Gravitational potential energy hills - ultra huge... EROEI = .001 ?




 ASPO 2011

 agree about the importance of framing.. the current mainstream frame is "how to we get back to BAU"  ... 


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he's trying to save his industry....

Reading the author's bio, it seems as though he's involved in the rare earth metals.  Now, talk about a negative ERoEI there...  fluff lobby piece, me thinks....

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