Is the deficit a real threat or just a politically convenient tool?

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Posts: 266 Is the deficit a real threat or just a politically convenient tool?

I subscribe to, and one of their latest presentations is entitled "Is the Deficit a Real Threat to America or Just a  Politically Convenient Tool?"

Blurb: Gov. Mitch Daniels got America's attention when he said, "We face an enemy lethal to liberty...the new red menace." If we don't address the growing federal deficit, says Daniels, we could be facing an immediate economic meltdown. Not likely, says economist and author Paul Krugman. We have a long-term problem, not an immediate one, he says. Investors are still backing the U.S. dollar. Deficit hawks are sounding alarms for their own political agenda.

Don't know if this one is available to non-subscribers. Here are the links anyway:



(These URLS are getting just plain ridiculous. Can't be sustainable.)

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Too much debt is going to lead to a very serious event.  A few numbers and a little history is all you need...


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