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First off, you've done

First off, you've done excellent work here. I've had a vague understanding of these issues, but you've succeeded in crystallizing them in my mind.
Ok, here's something radical you might want to address Mr. Martenson. Would it be possible for areas of the country to secede, dump the Dollar and take up another currency like the Canadian Dollar? On a strictly economic basis, would that work?

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I've wondered the same
I've wondered the same thing as MaxThrax. When/If the US economy crashes it will affect every other currencies around the world. Having said that what if Texas, for example, decided to become a republic again and took control of the military bases within it's borders. It has a good size Army and Air National Guard. It has cattle and oil. It should have plenty of electricity with all the windmills already up in West Texas, and T. Boone Pickens is putting up more. If I'm not mistaken all that electricity stays in Texas as well. There are ports in Houston, Beaumont, Pt. Arthur, Corpus Christi, etc. Even in the event of economic failure I would think the Texas economy, such as it would be, should be as good or better than anywhere else in the Union. Certainly there are other states/areas that could be similar. I would think certain states (Ohio, Michigan, etc) would be in especially bad shape. They are the ones already in bad shape and I don't see what would stop them from going over the cliff. The long Texas border with Mexico is a concern of course. (Think back to 1984. Does anyone remember the movie Red Dawn?) BTW: I'm looking forward to your forum getting up and running, It will greatly expand on our ability to have conversations such as this. THANKS CHRIS!!

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