First report- Taiwan

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First report- Taiwan

The economic conditions here are a lowering of the TAIEX to new 2 year lows. The presidents approval rating is about 20%, Food prices have risen about 10% in general, 20% for luxury import items, The ex president is accused of embezzling 30 million US, and bicycle purchases have risen 40% in the last 4 months. Layoffs with major companies are starting to happen, and being that most Taiwanese business depend on major trade with America, so the smaller to medium businesses are starting to suffer, but are being shifted to China for sales. That is helping a bit, but not enough to ensure future security or survival of these businesses. Oil is dropping and getting affordable again after 30% of the country stopped using cars altogether. More and more people are shifting to mass transit, scooters or bicycles at a much quicker pace than America.







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