Financial Crisis is a Good Thing

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Financial Crisis is a Good Thing

I've been reading these forums for a while now, and I reached the conclusion that given the current state of affairs with the economy, energy, environment, this Financial Crisis is one of the best things that could have happened. Why?

  • levels of consumption will reduce drastically, and more for the things not absolutely needed. This means a lot of energy will be conserved, peak oil will be pushed hopefully a few years, so clean energy has more time to develop.
  • population growth will slow down. In a few months we should see that it's indeed the case. This was noticed also in the great depression, but I think it will be much more pronounced now.
  • obesity will hopefully reduce.
  • less people going to work by car and less goods being transported results in less polution.

One would point out that jobs will be lost, etc. This is true but let's face it, most of those jobs are doing things that nobody really needs (e.g. cars). The important things like agriculture, energy, health care will not be affected by having less cars on the street.

The only negative thing I see is that many people will fall into depression thinking that they lost a lot. Maybe the crime rate will increase. But hopefully some of those that cannot afford paying TV anymore will start reading books or learn new old stuff, like home cooking and gardening.

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Re: Financial Crisis is a Good Thing

that would be true if it were a natural collapse...just a natural evolution of society.  but it was orchestrated by the bankers, who will basically own the world after the collapse.  you don't want to live in that world...back to the days of feudalism with a few kings and knights and everybody else a suffering serf.  so yes, the benefits you list are true, but I'd rather go back to 19th century rural america type of world (which provides those same benefits) rather than the medieval feudal days.  deflation is a massive systemic transfer of wealth from borrowers to lenders.  the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Loebs, Morgans, etc will be significantly richer and have far more control after this cycle...and their knights, the US treasury and Fed, other reserve banks, are stealing from the serfs right now and paying off the kings via these bailout packages.


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Re: Financial Crisis is a Good Thing

I can't help but think we are in for a bubble (mini or other wise) once the money supply is turned back on; are we going back to 1920's and 1930's America were it was a process of boom and bust?  Of course the power of these families can only continue for as long as the wider population is ignorant of the money creation process and if the taps are turned back on, they won't care anyway.

Having seem the videos on money creations, the fed etc, I'm really struck on how these guy's (the bankers) are just playing and controlling the markets. 

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