Federal reserve and war.

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Federal reserve and war.

What most people do not understand is the relationship between the Federal Reserve and war. The Federal Reserve is responsible for every economic difficulty that afflicts our nation. Without a Federal Reserve creating fiat paper currency out of thin air, an empire could not wage continuous war. There is no clearer proof than evaluating major U.S. military conflicts prior to 1913 versus after the creation of the Federal Reserve. Between 1791 and 1913 (122 years) the U.S. engaged in only four major conflicts:


·         War of 1812

·         Mexican-American War

·         Civil War

·         Spanish-American War


Only the War Between the States can be considered significant and it was fought solely on U.S. soil. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by bankers in collusion with politicians in Washington DC. This private central bank, run by a cartel of major banks, has encouraged politicians to wage war. Continuous conflict enriches bankers, as all the money used to wage war is borrowed from them. This may explain why between 1913 and 2010 (97 years) the U.S. has engaged in eleven significant foreign conflicts:


·         World War I

·         World War II

·         Korean War

·         Vietnam War

·         Grenada Invasion

·         Panama Invasion

·         Gulf War

·         Somalia

·         Kosovo War

·         Afghan War

·         Iraq War


Above and beyond these actual conflicts, we engaged in a 46 year Cold War with the Soviet Union that involved funding opponents to communism, coups, and assassination of foreign leaders. This Cold War was used as an excuse to station troops in over a 100 foreign countries, creation of the military industrial complex and creation of a secret spy agency, the CIA. Conveniently, when the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new amorphous war was created by politicians and their bankers. The nebulous War on Terror has been exploited to create the Department of Homeland Security and passage of the Orwellian Patriot Act, which allows the government to violate Americans’ right to privacy in the name of National Security. The War on Terror is used as the reason for invading foreign countries and using predator drones to blow up whoever our leaders feel is a threat. The cost for the War on Terror thus far has been $2.3 TRILLION. There are trillions more to be wasted because you can never win a war on terror. Who benefits from a never ending war on terror? Every dime of the $2.3 trillion has been borrowed. The beneficiaries of debt are bankers, as they reap billions in profits and pay themselves millions in bonuses. The money that is loaned to the government is then paid to the companies that constitute the military industrial complex. These companies then buy the support of Congress for their new and improved killing machines. This encompasses the circle of death in Washington DC.


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Re: Federal reserve and war.


I talked to my Buddy who is serving his 2nd Tour in Iraq, he is in charge of the Finances and stuff like that, he said "This is the Fleecing of America" 

He was like, " I could literally make copies of this financial crap and sell books on the S&#T that is going on over here"  

I'm glad to see him becoming aware of this monstrosity that is war.

Very interesting read and link.  

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Re: Federal reserve and war.

For some reason those Guns and Roses quotes detract from what he is saying.

Guns and Roses? Really?

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Re: Federal reserve and war.

 Great song illustrating the horrors of war.  Listen carefully to the lyrics if you haven't heard this before, and next time a child in your family has any illusions about war movies or playing toy soldiers, you might want to have them listen to this.


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Re: Federal reserve and war.

Fiat currency is a system of war finance. During the gold standard era, nations typically suspended from gold during wartime. This occurred during the U.S. War Between the States (1861-1865). The rump U.S. began printing greenbacks, while the Confederacy emitted its own Confederate paper dollars. And of course, there was a huge surge of inflation in both currency areas.

The last vestige of the U.S. dollar gold standard ended in 1971. It's no coincidence that this occurred during an overseas war in Vietnam, which flooded the world with unwanted quantities of dollars. The French, under De Gaulle, were exchanging their dollars for gold. President Nixon simply slammed the gold window down on their grasping gallic fingers: Non, messieurs!

Even at that time, the U.S. had been involved in the Cold War with the Soviet Union for two decades. No sooner did the Cold War end as the Soviet empire broke up during 1989-1991, than a new hot war broke out -- Gulf War I, which has now morphed into the Iraq, Af-Pak, Yemen, Somalia and other related conflicts.

Paper money is what finances these endless wars. But the collapse of paper money is what will end them. Hyperinflation cut the legs out from under the early 1980s military dictatorships in Brazil and Argentina. Economic and currency collapse ended Russia's eastern European empire. Currency collapse trimmed the sails of Serbia. And so it goes. Like alcohol and opiate abuse, currency abuse is ultimately self-limiting: it cripples the addict.

With its vast military budget, the U.S. is the most out-of-control currency abuser on the planet, and consequently is headed for the largest fall. Like Britain after World War II, the U.S. will lose its empire in a hurry after a foreign exchange crisis. But America's European poodles, whose social welfare systems face dismal demographics, are equally foolish to imagine that they can afford to participate in NATO's fantasyland adventurism on the Af-Pak front. Europe's soft underbelly, the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain), are caught in an escalating debt vice. The euro is at risk. Crack the euro, and the quixotic crusades in the Asian deserts will end with a decisive thump. Europe's vainglorious invaders have been driven out of Asia time and again, and the current quagmire will end no differently.

Fiat currency is a fraud. In every culture, fraud is punished as a crime. The banksters' exemption from ordinary criminal laws needs to end. If the law refuses to take care of the matter, currency collapse will. The troops will come home when their paychecks bounce. Stripped of their promised benefits by a looted Treasury, maybe they'll turn on the bankster-owned Depublicrats who fecklessly sent them there.

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Re: Federal reserve and war.


You're a poet, a scholar, an economist, and a comedian!  When does a compilation of "Machinehead's Greatest Blogs" come out?  Cheers,


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Re: Federal reserve and war.

I concur Farmer Brown and Machinehead.  These wars will end very soon, because the money supply will get cut off.

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