Fed To Sell Bonds?

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Fed To Sell Bonds?

I was wondering if someone could help me out here.  I heard this on the Peter Schiff stream and I thought the Fed printed their own money and would need to do something like this.  Am I missing something??




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Re: Fed To Sell Bonds?

Yeah, I don't get this either.  Interested to hear insight.

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END the FED before they END US

I think this is a critically important issue as we may be seeing a fundamental change in our government. The Federal Reserve Banks are private entities, not a government agency. This is sometimes confusing because the Federal Reserve Board (liaison between private Fed bank and government) is indeed a quasi-government agency.

As I understand the Fed's program, they are asking to issue debt (bonds) in the name, and guarantee of US taxpayers - without any oversight or control. I am amazed that our congress does not immediately stop this attempt - publicly.

The Federal Reserve Bank is asking to usurp our constitution which clearly states that only congress shall have the authority to coin money and incur debt. This is nothing short of an attempted coup - and it is amazing that no one is being confronted or arrested.

The real bizarre twist in all of this is that the Federal Reserve Bank is our biggest problem but yet, they are asking for unlimited power over our national checkbook. Think about this for a minute - the Federal Reserve Banks charge interest on all money that is created by this country. The people and government of the US solely have the power to create and guarantee our money - the Federal Reserve is simply unnecessary overhead.

Imagine if we could create our money free of interest - it has been done before in our history and could relieve us of our national debt and subsequent interest. Last year, our interest alone on our national debt was over $400 billion dollars. I'm afraid to guess what this years payment might be but ALL of this money could be saved! Hopefully, people will take some time to explore exactly what the Federal Reserve Banks are and what they are doing.


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Re: END the FED before they END US

So, basically the Fed is going to run everything.  This is an out an out looting!! Why is NO ONE saying anything about this.  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!

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