Fear, life and investing

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Fear, life and investing

Great article about fear.  This is in a financial context but can apply to any fear.




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Re: Fear, life and investing

Scott -

Thanks for posting such a great article.  This should be Crash Course required reading.

This section was huge.  My underline for emphasis.

"Usually when individuals are in a fear induced state; they start to think about the future (usually in terms of how bad things might or will get) and or the past (in terms of how good things once were), but they do not focus on the present, the only part of the equation they have any control of. Fear drives individuals from the real into the illusory world, for it pushes one to focus on time frames that one has absolutely no control over and this is why very few have the ability to spot opportunities during times of disaster for they are locked out of reality."

Resonates well with a favorite quote of mine -

"Tis foolish to fear what cannot be avoided."  Publilius Syrus

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