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faulty validation

Is anybody else having difficulty getting past the "am i human" validation screen?


I tried to subscribe to the newsletter, but everytime the validation kicked me out. And by the way, I avoid all Apple products like the plague, so I'll be damned if I have to load Quicktime just to get past Chris's validation.

 Seems like he wants to run subscribers off (??)?

15 minutes of my time wasted.

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Re: faulty validation

There is no need for QuickTime to use the CAPTCHA validation.  If you can't understand the printed text, click the recycle button and it will provide a new choice of words.  If you don't like the printed words, click the audio button.  If you don't have QuickTime installed, it uses Windows Media Player (or whatever other player you use) by default.  If you click the "Can't hear the sound?" link, it will prompt you about QuickTime.  To avoid this, right click the "Can't hear the sound?" link and download the MP3 file to your desktop.

I'm confused about why you would be subscribing to the newsletter ... you've been a member since September 15.  As soon as you are registered, you are given access to the registered member newsletters.  If you were attempting to become a paid subscriber, you would not have encountered any CAPTCHA validation.


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