Failing Like Japan

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Failing Like Japan

Interesting read.  I always sit up and take notice of Bill Mann's articles:

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Re: Failing Like Japan

Great article!

Regarding the proposed bail out for the big 3. I just think back to what Chris said, something to the effect that a bail out may keep the company alive, but doesn't make consumers want to buy its products - It just creates more zombies.

In my opinion the economy would be better off, by allowing GM to crash. That would at least give Ford and Chrysler a better shot at survival, since they would increase their market share buy taking on GM's customers.

If you bail out GM, then in a few months you will have to bail out Ford, then Chrysler - And you end up with 3 zombies...

The bottom line is that there isn't enough market to support all those giant car companies. You will still see the jobs lost, because those companies will have to make massive cuts in order to survive. So the bail out won't have saved any jobs in the end.

For the next few years anybody who want's a car will be able to buy a nice used SUV for a couple thousand dollars... ;)


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Re: Failing Like Japan

good article

for an in depth look at japan the dollar crisis by richard duncan is very informative.

it was i read it that i said to myself " myself we are going down"

remember as gm goes so goes the u.s...........well sort of, it is now as the u.s. goes so goes gm as 

our reps will give detroit money till we cannot borrow anymore.

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