Facebook - reduce frequency?

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Facebook - reduce frequency?


I find you post too much and too frequent on the Chris Martenson facebook page. I am an enrolled member, and I visit this site every day. So I don't need a daily facebook post about every latest "Daily Digest".

Just recently there has been released an interesting study regarding this topic: Why Consumers "Break Up" With Brands on Email, Facebook and Twitter. I might not go as far as "unliking" the CM facebook page, but I think I will hide your posts soon if the frequency doesn't slow down.

To be constructive, I suggest you to reduce the number of facebook posts to the ones that are really interesting (those postings that generate some facebook comments). I suggest you to cancel at least the Daily Digest postings as well as advertising posts ("Join us").

Thank you for reading and keep up the good work!



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Re: Facebook - reduce frequency?

That article may have been written about me. I unliked facebook entirely.

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