Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

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Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

I have heard several reliable sources speak of events that are planned for the anniversary of 9/11 that they expect to elicit backlash both at home and possibly internationally.

The sources are reliable and in law enforcement,  but do tend to skew paranoid.  Has anyone else heard of any things like this?  Is anyone else planning on battening down the hatches that weekend?  

Does anyone know of any specific events that  could cause a negative  response from opposing viewpoints?

I am thinking about the planned Q'ran book burning as one of these......

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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

Only from the government and 'the establshment',

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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

Yes, only from the establishment.  I've spoken to a few officers at Ft. Belvior, and they've been told to be prepared for "something" around the anniversary.  I spoke with the head of the local Sheriffs dept., and they're sending 20% of their force into the beltway for the weekend of 9/11.  

As for book burnings and/or social unrest, if it occurs I'd put $ on it being a false flag or coerced by government thugs.    

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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

Anybody check to see if Larry Silvertein has taken out any large insurance policies on old asbestoes laden buildings he bought recently ?

I'd certainly avoid being in one of those, given his luck of having 2 airplanes knock down 3 buildings.

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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?




I herd this ad is supposed to be played on sept. 11 to inform the people about building 7 (smoking gun)  maybe this will inform more people on the events of that day.  

Maybe the only trouble we will see is the argument between the "inside job" vs the "official story" people again.  Lets hope nothing bad will happen but then again these are interesting times.  9/11 = Inside and Outside Job 


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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

Really enjoyed everyone's posts.  I'm getting a couple of new 9/11 shirts custom printed with my own graphics and slogan...soon as I figure out what needs to be said.  And, I'll use the design for a new decal for my car.   

If there's a decent local protest, I'll be there.  I'm watching the local We are Change and Ron Paul meet-up groups to see what they have planned.  Unfortunately we don't have a local branch of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - but as a national member I hope they will allow me to use their logo.  They offer a nice t-shirt but I'd prefer a quality golf shirt.

Thanks for the link JK121, I'd love to see the ad placed on NY TV.


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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

I think  a good question to ask is what is it THEY have left to implement in regards to tightening the noose around our necks that some violence would facilitate.

I can't think of anything off hand but I am sure they have.


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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?

If you believe the inside job theory, then something orchestrated to happen this year would benefit Republicans running for office. But I think if there is a conspiracy, the Dems at the top are part of it too and partisan gridlock would make it harder to pass monster legislation, so I doubt they'd do something to harm the Democratic majority.

If it's not an inside job then of course each and every anniversary is dangerous. I would be the most concerned about next year, which is the 10 year anniversary.

PS I think it's odd we still don't have a replacement for the WTC built yet. What happened to the American can-do attitude? Sad. It's like someone doesn't want us to feel good and hopeful anymore about America.





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Re: Expecting trouble for the 9/11 Anniversary?
soulsurfersteph wrote:

What happened to the American can-do attitude?

Wasn't it divided and shipped to Afganistan and Iraq?


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