Euro - Germany - Breaking Analysis

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Euro - Germany - Breaking Analysis

The web is buzzing today about trouble in Europe coming to a head. Here is a video by Warren Pollock that I thought I would post and get your opinion. Forgive me if this is elementary but I am new at this. Sammy

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Re: Euro - Germany - Breaking Analysis

On a side note this one shows some desperation LOL.

Workers Asked to Return Bonuses After 16 Years

 About 180 county employees in suburban Atlanta are being asked to return thousands of dollars the county says they were overpaid 16 years ago.


Gwinnett County's chief financial officer, Aaron Bovos, calls it a project to "clean up receivables and to eliminate outstanding obligations."

The county is seeking to collect more than $39,000 from employees who received bonuses in their paychecks in 1994. Authorities blamed the overpayments on a payroll anomaly when the county adjusted employees' payroll cycles.

Employees can apply the money to vacation leave or make a cash payment.

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