Eric Sprott On Bonfire of the Currencies

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Eric Sprott On Bonfire of the Currencies

Eric Sprott On Bonfire of the Currencies

World governments just can’t get enough conflict these days. They’ve now resorted to battling each other with money printing.1 The devaluation race is in full gear, and it’s tough to keep track of who’s winning. It’s been just wonderful for investors, of course. In addition to contending with 0% interest rates, they now have to navigate through increased currency volatility and uncertainties associated with potential inflation. Gold and silver are benefitting greatly from this ‘currency war’ as investors seek safe harbor in hard money. We can’t say we’re surprised to see gold and silver where they are, but it has been surprising to witness just how willing and open governments are to blasting their own currencies down in value. Although we have complete confidence that the economists at the world’s various central banks know exactly what they are doing, we’re content to own precious metals investments in the meantime until such a day arises when the currency war winner is finally announced.

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Re: Eric Sprott On Bonfire of the Currencies

reminds me of FOFOA's famous quote from "Another"


 "When currencies go to nuclear war, all paper will burn"


  DiscoDollardammerung.. twilight of the currencies.



 Getting away from pedantic money-centric definitions of "inflation /  deflation"...

 Is there a quantity theory of do we describe realities rearing their heads and causing a shift in behaviour and valuation...

 a reality bubble ? An illusion pop....

 redpillflation ?


* Any rumours that reality has been suppressed by "paper reality" shorts  of JPFiction LLC on the RELEX exchange are superfluous and subject to the full weight of "paper justice" (tm).



if all the world were paper.. and all the sea were ink....




 what would we have to drink..


 - Homebrew !! God bless Hordeum Vulgare  (esp 2-row Maris Otter !)


 > pkill -9 illusion

> apt-get  --purge remove lies

> apt-get install truth

 > apt-get install reality

 > apt-get install harmony

 > apt-get upgrade ...


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Re: Eric Sprott On Bonfire of the Currencies

Eric Sprott on King World News this week

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