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Expat community

As an environmental entrepreneur (green building, eco-industrialism) who foresaw what was coming several years ago (and therefore easily embraced the Crash Course), I have recently been contemplating the creation of a green expatriate community in Central America, such that one could escape there upon investing in it or use it as a vacation getaway until such time as escape became necessary.  (And if escape didn't become necessary, one would still own a valuable asset.)

The idea is that it would be turnkey in terms of amenities -- not just what one would expect in a typical Florida or Arizona retirement community but also offshore financial counseling and implementation, as well as job opportunities related to the operation an eco-industrial park that would serve whatever region the community was located in.  That way, grown children and their families could also have an escape hatch, providing the means to keep extended families united.

Once a site was selected and the property optioned, a master plan would be created with a view to generating enough contingency sales for the project to move forward on a financially sound basis.

Any thoughts? 

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