Environement: WWF 2010 Living Planet Report

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Environement: WWF 2010 Living Planet Report

Download the report (pdf, 20MB)  : http://assets.panda.org/downloads/lpr2010.pdf



The protection of biodiversity and ecosystems must be a priority

in our quest to build a stronger, fairer and cleaner world economy.

Rather than an excuse to delay further action, the recent financial

and economic crisis should serve as a reminder of the urgency of

developing greener economies. Both WWF and the Organisation for

Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are contributing

to this goal.

The Living Planet Report is helping raise public awareness

of the pressures on the biosphere and spreading the message that

“business as usual” is not an option. The report contributes to

fostering action, as what gets measured gets managed.

The OECD is developing a Green Growth Strategy to help

governments design and implement policies that can shift our

economies onto greener growth paths. Central to this is identifying

sources of growth which make much lighter claims on the biosphere.

This will require fundamental changes to the structure of our

economies, by creating new green industries, cleaning up polluting

sectors and transforming consumption patterns. An important

element will be educating and motivating people to adjust their lifestyles,

so we can leave a healthier planet to future generations.

Policy makers and citizens need reliable information on the

state of the planet, combining various aspects without getting lost

in the details. Although the Living Planet Report indices share

the methodological challenges that all aggregated environmental

indices face, their merit is their ability to convey simple messages

about complex issues. They can reach out to people and hopefully

influence behaviour change among audiences that may otherwise

receive little environmental information.

I commend WWF for its efforts. The OECD will continue to

work to further refine green growth indicators and improve the way

in which we measure progress.

Angel Gurría

Secretary General,

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


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