Envirofit clean cookstoves.

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Envirofit clean cookstoves.

G-3300 cookstoveEnvirofit clean cookstove

This the the Envirofit clean cookstove.  It is designed to replace the inefficient and unhealthy cooking systems used by the poor all over the world.  http://www.envirofit.org/?q=our-products/clean-cookstoves

My group is well along in our preparations and discussion has turned to how we are going to set-up our kitchens for a post oil world, all of that long term food storage will need to be turned into edible meals at some point.  I heard about Envirofit clean cookstoves on an NPR special http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130011220  and immediately saw that they would work perfectly for what we are preparing for.  Envirofit clean cookstoves reduce smoke and harmful gasses up to 80% and reduce cooking time up to 50% and they are designed to be used indoors by burning biomass fuels like wood, dung and crop waste and most amazingly they are sold for only 25$.  The Net is filled with praise for these amazing little stoves.  Well done and just in time Envirofit, but there is just one problem.........  they are not for sale in the U.S., at least not anywhere that we can find.  

Our research shows that Envirofit stoves are only for sale in southern India, specifically in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.  What I want to know is if we have anyone in our community, here at PeakProsperity.com who is either from or has solid contacts in any of these places? If so let's brainstorm how we are going to get our hands on some of these stoves.  All ideas and insights welcome. Nacci.

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Re: Envirofit clean cookstoves.

Interesting Nacci!  Seems like a good idea!

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Re: Envirofit clean cookstoves.

do we have any Indian member(s) that would be willing to export these to us in the US, UK, etc

Here is a link to the Envirofit site on this question   http://www.envirofit.org/?q=contact

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Re: Envirofit clean cookstoves.

Good idea.  The Big Green Egg has been on my buy list for quite a while.  Alas, it is still there because of the cost.  The Kamado grill is the original and the BGE is an American knock off of that.  I like the fact that they are made of ceramic and wood fired.

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Re: Envirofit clean cookstoves.

Looks to be similar in principle to the envirofit, readily available, tho more spendy:

Grover Rocket Stove

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