The End of Time?

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The End of Time?

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Re: The End of Time?

So true. There are not enough Americans with the background, indeed interest to understand your metaphor.  What really baffles me is why would Benny, want a legacy of failure.  He must understand the ineluctable consequences of the Ponzi scheme he manages. 

Does he believe that his debt policy will rescue his children and grandchildren from lives of penury?  How could he want that for them? I don't care how wealthy he becomes, his wealth will only allow him to buy security, and resources, he will not be free.  Like the rest of the unwashed, he will also be the debt slave of his masters.

We have so little time in which to employ correctives.  Myopia being the strong suit of our elected officials, who would rather scurry about for bribes to ensure the perpetuity of their satrapyes, and cannot now be of use to those of us who would radically reform our monetary system.  There just isn't enough time.

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