End of Empire - Waking Zombie Nations / Psychology, Consciousness and the Egoic Mind

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End of Empire - Waking Zombie Nations / Psychology, Consciousness and the Egoic Mind

Wonderful article from a blogger on ZeroHedge. Very interesting. 

End of Empire - Waking Zombie Nations / Psychology, Consciousness and the Egoic Mind

To be fair, this article could just as easily have been called “Waking a Zombie World”. While various people and governments point to the USA as the bad actor in this mess, in fact it has taken dozens of nations to form this conga line to hell and the rest of the world is far from blameless. Nor is America the sole residence of the world’s zombie population. However, since this writer and much of the ZH readership reside in American, we will assume an American (ego) centric focus. My apologies for the delay in posting this article which I had promised some time ago. In my defense, there are hundreds of thick and dusty books on this subject at the local library, proof that it’s not very easy to condense this complex subject into a 10 minute read. In fact, it’s impossible to do so and not even worth trying. While you can break visible light down to its primary colors, it’s actually composed of millions. The same applies to this subject. What I finally decided to do was break it down into separate postings so that the reader could find the courage and stamina to actually read it. Even with the division, be forewarned that this first posting is still along read.

This article is an effort to understand what’s really going on, why Americans (and the rest of the world) appear to be frozen in place, seemingly helpless and hopeless in the face of incredible corruption and thieving. A quick review of history shows us this isn’t the first time it has happened, though it may be the biggest since the 1930’s. In fact, these types of disasters seem to occur regularly, following a well worn script to its inevitable conclusion. The bad guys escape with the loot while the general population looks on, tails between the legs, hands in pockets and eyes cast down, impotent to the end. Why do we allow ourselves to be used and abused like this? Why are we spectators to our own destruction? While the human condition can’t always be quantified, it can be understood to some extent, but only if we’re willing to peer into some extremely uncomfortable places. My ultimate goal in writing this “End of Empire” series is to promote reflection and understanding. Significant and lasting political and social change will not occur until we elevate our understanding and awareness far above where it is today. I most definitely don’t have all the answers and anyone who claims they do is smoking the good stuff and should share their stash with this formerly long haired hippie. Pass the bong dude.

In this article, I’ll describe how I see myself, the world and the people who live in it. By doing so, the reader will be looking over my shoulder at the workings of the human psyche, or at least my interpretation of the psyche. What you will not find is the consensus view on this subject. For that, all you need do is pop open a standard psychology 101 text book and dive in. The reason I leave the beaten path is simple. The really interesting ideas are usually found way out on the fringe and deep in the weeds. That’s not to say you can’t find “truth” or accurate knowledge within the consensus, just that cutting edge ideas and concepts aren’t tolerated well among the establishment. In my opinion, the established leaders rarely go into areas that aren’t well traveled and seldom stray from their own fields of expertise. Ironically, in a discipline that devotes much ink to the discussion of the ego, the principal players’ egos prevent little more than incremental forward progress. When you’re sipping from government and corporate grants, you don’t often make waves.

Now for the fine print disclaimer. My understanding is ever changing and evolving and I reserve the right to change my opinion before I finish this sentence or this series. The one constant thing in life is change. All I ask of the reader is to read this in its entirety and in the order written. When mucking around in the bushes, it’s very easy to take things out of context when you don’t read the context. The subject is so involved and complex that each paragraph could be expended into 8 more and still not be complete. I ask the reader to consider that I just might have left some things out of this article in the interest of brevity and not because I’m clueless.

Established “facts” are often facts the consensus believes can be or has been proven, which in the field of psychology is usually what the majority believes to be fact. Circular logic is often accepted by the consensus because it substantiates and validates the consensus. We see this in religion, politics, science, finance, in every human behavior. Because of this, it’s impossible to understand ourselves and our world without a fundamental knowledge of psychology and philosophy and the willingness to break the boundaries of accepted thought and leave the pack. From my point of view, only when I began to color (way) outside the lines did I begin to pull together seemingly unconnected ideas and concepts into a bigger, more coherent picture. Psychology helps me understand why we do what we do and philosophy forces me (at least temporarily) to abandon any notions of right or wrong, good and bad, better or worse and see life as it really is. When thinking philosophically, I must leave my biases and prejudices at the door. I use these two tools, along with others, to gain (and hopefully maintain) perspective. 


VERY LONG. Read the rest of it here...


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Re: End of Empire - Waking Zombie Nations / Psychology, ...

He goes on a bit (don't get me wrong, he writes well but I was ready for him to get to the point before he got to the point -- maybe I'm just getting impatient what with SHTF looming and all <smile>), but that's a good read, Morpheus.  I'm ready for part II.

Viva -- Sager

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