Einstein was right - honey bee collapse threatens global food security

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Einstein was right - honey bee collapse threatens global food security

The bee crisis has been treated as a niche concern until now, but as the UN's index of food prices hits an all time-high, it is becoming urgent to know whether the plight of the honey bee risks further exhausting our food security.


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Re: Einstein was right - honey bee collapse threatens ...


I like OJ Blount's method. I ordered his plans!

3 videos:

A beekeeper's reasoning for the collapse:

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Re: Einstein was right - honey bee collapse threatens ...

There is mounting evidence that the destruction of our bee population (which may actually be all insects, but the bees get the attention) is closely connected to a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids.  My fellow Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald, is leading the investigation about EPA failure to regulate these poisons which become part of the plant itself (including pollen and nectar).  I could post a long list of related articles from the past couple of years.  One of the main culprits in this class of pesticide is called clothianidin and marketed as "Poncho" by Bayer.  This is used extensively on corn, soy, cotton and other large crops world-wide.





And let's not forget the sad saga of the EPA's attempts to reckon with clothianidin, the agrichemical giant Bayer's blockbuster pesticide that the EPA's own scientists think may be harming our extremely fragile honeybee population. It's only through the dogged efforts of Colorado beekeeper Tom Theobald that we even know of these concerns among the agency's scientists.

End snippet.

Anecdotally, think about years ago, back in the 90s or before, when you would be driving on a summer night your windshield would get covered with splattered insects.  Now think about this:  when was the last time you had to scrape ANY insect residue from your windshield?

We are killing the planet.

We are killing ourselves.

Find joy in your life and really pay attention to it and enjoy it.  It’s time.  ... dons


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Re: Einstein was right - honey bee collapse threatens ...

There are more bee-related threads here you may want to check.

This one has a good video at comment #6





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