Effects On Precious Metals If Ron Paul Were To Win

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Effects On Precious Metals If Ron Paul Were To Win

 So as many of you may have seen lately, Ron Paul appears to making a big comeback in this Republican race and I have realized that I do not really know how him becoming the next president would affect the prices of precious metals. Would his presidency be long run bullish or long term bearish in terms of gold. I look forward to reading any thoughts and incites on this topic. Thank you!!!

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Ron Paul and gold

Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed. My sense is that eliminating money printing would likely put us back on a gold standard. With our extraordinary debt level that would send gold (If we have any) to the moon in order to pledge the gold we have to cover the debt.

I believe this is what China is gearing up for with it's currency as it purchases large amounts of gold every time our banks and cartels use paper gold and silver to supress the pm prices.

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