Effect of peak oil in Italy, Pitchfork movement shutting down highways

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Effect of peak oil in Italy, Pitchfork movement shutting down highways

In Italy the pitchfork movement (movimento dei forconi) is shutting down the highways, stopping trucks (also with food and petrol) from being delivered in cities. This because to protest against the rise in the price of gasoline. And yet no one in the news is making the connection between this and peak oil. The situation is much more sevre than people are realising.

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Effect of peak oil & Iranian sanctions in Italy

Especially as Italy imports a substantial amount of oil from Iran......  I did wonder how long it would take for these stupid sanctions on Iran to impact Italy (and Greece which also imports a lot of oil from Iran).

Do any of these morons THINK?  Of all countries to inflict fuel shortages and rises on.......

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While I was very critic of

While I was very critic of the pitchfork movement, recently I discovered that more than 80% of the price we pay in Italy for petrol is in taxes. Personally I support it. The higher the price is, the less will people use it, the more people will use alternative energies. But the fact that the state is taking such a big amount of money from petrol means that Italian government is less than happy to have people not using petrol.

In the meantime, the cold weather forced the pitchfork movement to retreat, and recently they have decided they will stop the sea ports where the petrol (for the whole of Italy) arrives. If they do so, I expect the military to intervene.

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Price and Tax on Fuel in the UK


UK Petrol Prices for Thursday 2nd February 2012

  Avg Min Max
Unleaded 134.59p 129.9p 146.9p
Diesel 142.52p 137.9p 156.9p
Super Unleaded 142.24p 133.9p 152.9p
Premium Diesel 150.34p 143.9p 159.9p
LPG 75.27p 65.9p 84.9p



Type of Fuel
Total Cost at Pump
Fuel Duty
% of Fuel Cost that is Tax

We don't call it rip-off Britain lightly.

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Taxes and


This reminds me of a quote from one of Greg Halletts books - gifting the UN to Stalin.

We pay high taxes in order to buy peace from the international bankers.


Peace & taxes: too high and there is civil war, too low and there is international war.

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Things are getting more fun

Things are getting more fun in Italy.

For the first time in ages, thanks to the cold spell that is upon the whole of Europe we had a peak in gas (used to warm houses).

The gas comes from France, Russia and and Africa. But recently it came less from France and Russia (were they using it for the cold spell too?) so as a result there is a risk that we might not have enough gas for everybody. So the government is considering stopping gas for industries as a temporary measure, as well as recovering oil raffineries.

Mamma Mia!

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Gonzalo says "Go South Young Man."

Gonzalo Lira on MaxKeiser says that Europe is better to live in than the USA. The uneducated masses in the USA believe that if the loss of freedom does not effect me personally then it is all good.

Gonzalo Lira said that the southern hemisphere was looking better than the north. I have to agree. The Antarctic seems a good bet.


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