Edward Abbey a Role Model

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Edward Abbey a Role Model

hi y'all

(at least the 10 or so who read what i post here.)

i have had and still have a major problem with this site. it is why i go away for long periods and spend mor etime elsewhere.

it is this idea we have to wait to have a critical mass of people to do something. i like many of you appreciate the work chris has done in creating and presenting the crash course. the growth has been phenomenal. i think it is great that more and more people are becoming aware of what is going on.

i also understand that chris has very good reasons for maintaining some kind of nuetrality. (just the facts ma'm) it would be nice to know when there will be more of a focus on actions, if ever. i mean other than planting a garden, holding some gold and forming community. we will still be at the mercy of those that own industrial farms, the electric grid, our water supplies, the largest army in the history of the planet. it really sounds like nothing more than a recipe for neo fuedalism.

for those hoping for the total collapse so we can start over, i think while that may happen i believe that contingency has been planned for.

i get the impression that this site is populated by many who have not really been impacted by the "meltdown" other than perhaps losing some money in the market or some house value. i could be wrong but it seems life is not really changing very much for the majority here. it is more about the  possibilty of major change that keeps folks occupied with idle speculations and useless hand wringing.

of course this is my subjective view and i am sure others will disagree with me.

so all that being said for those of you waiting for chris to give marching orders or are ready now to think out of the box about what you might do i offer some reading material. it comes with the disclaimer  that i do not advocate nor have i ever engaged in any of the activities described in any of these books ( tho some heavy equipment did have some corn syrup poured in their fuel tanks on an interstate project not far from my home..........mysteriously)

one of my favorite authors of all time was edward abbey. the books i recommend are the monkey wrench gang and hayduke lives.

my favorite quote of his is " i dont have time for grief, regret or bullshit"

happy reading

in the meantime i will continue to write my representatives lol

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Re: Edward Abbey a Role Model

You got 30 reads so far, which is 200% more than expected. If that continues is will be exponential...

I agree on your points, though it's hard to pretend what the readers of this site are doing actively. Awareness is a key factor to become active. Some individuals start acting instantly, others don't until enough others do so and they feel safe to join. It's the same principle as when buying stocks. Most people wait too long, both when making the purchase and when selling. The people earning the big money are the ones having bought early (at the right time). These people make the difference in terms of money.

It's the same in the big picture. Some activists are telling us to act for years, but very few have listened. And you cannot really blame people for behaving like this, if everything seems correct and those guys shouting out loudly are named conspiracy theorists and subscribing to such ideas could harm your life, both private and in business. So you remain silent until enough people are talking about it, which in fact is a matter of awareness. Such awareness is almost impossible to build in good times, so it needs a crisis to evolve, which finally happened.

History shows that people usually wake up to late, but we aren't good in teaching history. In fact, major important parts of history are not included in school books for a good reason. We were and we are not educated to question things. We are educated to work in a system named collectivism, which can be communism, socialism, democracy or fascism. This is a big issue because it's the opposite of individualism and individualism is a key concept of liberty. But to be fair, I haven't thought about all of it until about 6 months ago.

Becoming active isn't easy though all of us know that its required to change things. Only few of us are willing to head for political positions, but it's the only way to change politics. We like health care and  social security (collectivism) but call for freedom and liberty (individualism). We think that taxes are actually needed and think they are ok as long as there are others that have to pay more. We are dissatisfied with many things and are euphoric if someone promises change. We are so euphoric that we never question his actions, whether it's gigantic bailouts, 30,000 more troops for Afghanistan and the like. It's so damned easy to see change happen on TV, so why care about real life?

I think you start acting after your brain exploded several times. It's amazing how much you can read in a very short time, but at some point your mind says "hey, wait a minute, it's too much". It can also be your wife or a friend though. After this has happened for several times, you either go back straight to TV or start acting. Everything between means you haven't made your choice. And doing nothing is really easy compared to acting. I do respect that but also wish to see more people choosing the latter. 

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Re: Edward Abbey a Role Model


I often navigate by synchronicity -- listen to when the world is speaking to you (and not necessarily in "your ear holes" as P. Funk once said).  Navigating like this got me here to CM.com.

So, I've now hit the Abbey threshold for action, Joe2.  I have enough Abbey "hits" recently that it's time to check the brother out.  Thanks for being the straw what tipped the scale...

Viva -- Sager 

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Re: Edward Abbey a Role Model


I appreciate yours and all comments on this site, and especially this one; as I have been, until tonight, a visitor.

I am also a fan of Edward Abbey and have contemplated the decisions I could make or defer regarding action. You finish with a somewhat cynical comment that I happen to agree with. In my final analysis, the ONLY action an individual can make that will impact the system is to convert out of fiat currency and into gold, silver and the tangible preps that are so often discussed here. Greenspan himself admitted they blew it in the seventies when they failed to "manage" gold.

The matrix will never be impacted by even a million acting in a manner described by Mr. Abbey. The machine is too entrenched, overconfident, managed and oblivious to care. When Eisenhower or Kennedy or Reagan or Jackson warned of what would happen, they were looking into a future that has already come to pass. 

Only when all the gold and silver have dissappeared from the comex, and the CFTC asks JPM to deliver on the contracts for which no metal exists.... will the fiat scheme finally implode. Even several Trillion in failed bond sales won't do it! China, Japan and the G20 will work feverishly to mitigate a dollar crash and preserve their respective ponzi schemes, even if it includes a so called "new reserve currency", which is already sold around the world as the "solution".

ONLY causing a short squeeze in physical gold and silver and preps for the crash by converting fiat into useful supplies either as an individual or in community groups will do it. When paper is rejected worldwide, and metal is demanded instead, we will have made Mr. Abbey proud.

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Re: Edward Abbey a Role Model

The Matrix will never be penetrated because its your DNA - the laws of physics manifest as DNA and everything is the way its supposed to be. I am an atheist but I tell you - guys like Lao Tzu and Jesus were far and away light years ahead of all the rest of us.

 I went from an active activist to a jaded activist to now someone working on changing myself - how i perceive the world. And from that everything around me changes too...(not the other way around as we naturally are inclined to think)

This world cannot be saved - can you even do the first step and workon saving yourself? Most want revolution, want change, etc bla bla bla - and so it goes - the trajectory of macroscopic evolution happens in generations, when you can live from "I am in this world, not of it..." everything changes. Even for an atheist like myself!

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Re: Edward Abbey a Role Model

Joe - thanks for posting this - it made me think about our need to maintain some optimism and meaning in our lives while all around us there is chaos and we have the burden of the knowledge that things are going to get much worse.

Michael Höhne, SagerXX, silverseeker and paranoid - your posts are excellent and timely.  It is very comforting to have a place like this to come - it's a special camaraderie that I value very much.

It is easy to become frustrated and angry - it gets the better of me often.  My strength, and my bane, is that I am driven by a sense of purpose - to be an advocate for a sane and sustainable society and to wake up as many others as possible to the realization that we are in an evil matrix that once was a government by and for the people.  If, and I know it's a big if, enough people wake-up, we have the opportunity to take back our freedom and prosperity.

Every crisis - man-made or natural, economic or social, is actually a crisis of understanding.  Our capacity to deal with crisis depends on our ability to comprehend and make sense of it.  I think we have an obligation to help others understand so that they might take the appropriate actions. As someone very famous and smart once said - we either hang together or we surely will hang separately.


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